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Fit Tip Friday: Alexis Bellino

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Throughout all the fiery drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County last season, you may have noticed that those feisty women are also smoking hot! And housewife Alexis Bellino is the queen of long and lean. (Hey, maybe she’s just trying to stay strong in case any catfights break out in Season 8– which premieres on April 1st!)

Yup, the mommy of three (twin girls and a boy) will indeed be returning to RHOOC, and this time it is reported that she will have a friend on her side. (Other than Jesus, of course.) We caught up with Alexis to find out how she stays svelte and sexy!

Southern California always sets the tone for health and fitness trends. Is there anything new that you’ve discovered that you’d like to share with us?
I honestly believe that you just have to constantly change it up. I think that there’s always a new fad workout that’s coming out and sticking to the same routine equals boredom. So try that new workout class that you drove by yesterday or that your girlfriend was talking about, and that’s the secret for me. I think that you can’t stick to the same exact thing every day.

Absolutely! And you’re a wife and a mom and you are seriously in such amazing shape. How do you think that being fit can affect a relationship?
For me it’s about being healthy, because when I’m healthy I feel good about myself. So if I’m happy with myself and I feel sexy and more confident, then I can tell because I’m exuding that to my husband, and he then feels it also. And I think that if you constantly are eating unhealthy or you aren’t taking care of yourself — like you’ve missed workouts for two or three weeks (not to say that I work out every day, because I don’t — I’m lucky if I get two workouts in a week) but I’m still doing something which then makes me feel better about myself.… [For example] let’s say you don’t feel like lifting weights, you’re not a weightlifter, let’s say you love walking. Well if you’re walking and you feel good about yourself…you’re gonna wear something sexy to bed, or something you feel confident in, rather than ending up in bed in sweats, which is what I do when I’m tired and not feeling my best.

You said you like to change it up all the time. Do you have any favorite workouts to get a svelte, sexy figure without losing your curves?
It kind of goes back to the first question. I just constantly change it up. But I think that if you constantly do the same thing every day your body plateaus; so my whole philosophy is I do something different. One day I might do a bootcamp, another day I might go do a very calm, relaxing yoga class, another day I might take my kids on the boardwalk and rent the bikes that have the little carriers on the back so I can pull my kids and my husband can ride beside me, and we’ll do a mile and a half bike ride. It’s just about being active and constantly changing it up so you don’t end up getting bored and just giving up.

Exactly! Do you have any suggestions for dates with an active guy? Sometimes that can be hard.
My whole tip for that is: The active things that [my husband] enjoys doing are not the same as my active activities. So what we do is one day a week we’ll do one he likes, and one day a week we’ll do one I like. And I think you have to be up for anything and try anything one time that your boyfriend or the relationship you’re in is asking. So, you won’t know if you don’t enjoy kayaking and your boyfriend does unless you go do it with them. If you give back to each other you bond and you find out that you might actually like that sport or activity that you never thought you would.

That’s really good advice. And do you have any particular songs on your iPod that keep you pumped and motivated to look great?
I am a Top 40 girl. It’s really corny, and dorky, but I have Pandora set on my phone and I just go to the Top 40 and play that because it’s constantly changing and you don’t have to hear the same exact song every day. And it’s the upbeat, pop culture songs that get me motivated to work out.

What are your go-to healthy snacks?
I always carry almonds and apples with me so that I’m not starving. Because they’re super healthy, and they’re easy to just throw in your purse. I love bananas, I love celery sticks, so those are all the things that I carry with me so when I’m out and about and I don’t have time to stop, I’m not just pulling into McDonalds because I’m so famished that I have to get to the next restaurant that’s on the highway.

Right. So when it comes time for a ladies’ night out, what’s the one food that you can’t help but indulge in?
Chocolate mousse is my all-time favorite dessert. Not a lot of restaurants carry it, but to be honest, I love sweets, that’s my weakness, and if my friends don’t order sweets that’s a bonus for me, because I’m the girl who can’t stop at two bites…I try to stay away as much as I can but I definitely do indulge and splurge on nights. (And the warm butter cake at Maestros is definitely something that everyone should try at least once!)

Is there anything up and coming that you’re working on that we should keep an eye out for?
Well my husband and I, we just opened two Sky Zones, which are indoor trampoline parks and I got certified to teach a class. I’ll be teaching a Sky Aerobics class, which is a workout class on the trampoline. It’s such a shock to your body because jumping on a trampoline is not something you do every day. And it’s very exciting! We have Sky Zone Anaheim and Sky Zone San Diego (in Chula Vista).

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