Custom-designed high heels and stilettos

Fashion Friday: Shoes of Prey

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We know you’ve had this dream — the sun is shining, your hair is bouncing, perfect strangers are smiling at you as they pass by…all because you achieved the impossible. You found the perfect pair of high heels.

And then your alarm goes off.

Let’s face it, we all know that nabbing the perfect pair can be harder than sneaking on to George Clooney’s private Italian villa (believe us, we’ve tried). So when footwear fashionista and fellow dissatisfied shoe shopper Jodie Fox co-founded Shoes of Prey, we knew our dream was finally coming true. (The shoe one, not the one about George Clooney inviting us over. Yet.)

That’s because Shoes of Prey lets you design every aspect of your shoe — from style and heel height to color and material — so you know you’ll love what you get!

And our footwear fairy godmother isn’t stopping there. Now that Fox has made custom designing the perfect heels a breeze, she’s tackling that other age-old lady problem: the sore legs that come with long days (or nights) in your stilettos.

Wearing heels for long periods of time can compress your calf muscles (yikes!), so the best thing you can do for your gams is a quick series of exercises before and after you start strutting. Check out Fox’s video with Grace Bowe from Bride Body for the deets, and soon you’ll have the legs (and shoes) of your dreams!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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