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Can we please see a show of hands for those of you that would like to “wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?” Just what we expected — not a lowered hand in the room (except for that poor woman on the subway, who still can’t figure out who Jay-Z is, let alone P. Diddy. Still, we have a feeling that neither one of these rap music moguls arise feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed each morning. (And if they do, we are even more jealous than before.)

Since summer is finally here, you can totally disguise your undesirable dullness with pretty pastel and whimsical white makeup, regardless of how lifeless you actually feel.
We consulted with makeup artist extraordinaire Donet Dee Eiwasian of LA’s fabulous Assembly Salon on how exactly to pull off this chic trend! From pale pink shadow to gorgeous gold liner to a sheer coral lip, we’ve got this bright-eyed look on lock.

1. Know Your Color: Pastels and whites look amaze on everyone, but knowing what shade works best with your skin tone is essential. And Donet has made it simple:

Fair Skin: Pale pink, soft taupe, soft green or white eye shadow, paired with a white shimmery liner for highlighting and a soft brown for lining the entire eye, Donet said.

Medium Skin: Go for it, girl! Feel free to play with pastel pinks, mint greens and berry-colored shadows, while soft whites or metallic golds and silvers work best for highlighting and liner respectively, she said.

Dark Skin: Consider deep purples or peachy eye shadows your new BFF. Donet recommends metallic and shimmery gold tones, which are great for highlighting, while tried-and-true black liner is perfect for the entire eye.

2. Prime and Line
“First, prime your eye to make sure your look lasts,” Donet said. “Apply eyeshadow on your eyelids, and then apply a highlighting liner on the top and bottom inside corners of your eye. Blend to the center line,” she said. “You may also line the rest of your top eye line with black or brown eyeliner. Apply mascara and you’re done!”

3. Keep It Simple: “Keep your face soft glowing and natural. A sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer is perfect,” Donet said. Fair-skinned lovelies should stick with soft pink blush and a natural lip color with pink undertones, while medium and dark-skinned beauties should opt for peachy blush and a natural-looking lip with coral and peach undertones. Highlight the apple of your cheek with a slight shimmer, and you’re done, baby!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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