Website lets you expose your ex's homewrecker mistress

Would You Expose Your Ex’s Mistress?

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For Brad and Jen, it was Angelina. For Jesse and Sandra, it was “Bombshell” McGee. For Tiger and Elin, it was…well, at lot of women.

Anyone who’s been through a bad breakup knows that splitting up with someone you love is tough no matter the circumstances. But when that breakup is the result of a cheating partner, moving on can get a whole lot harder. Now, a new website suggests that scorned wives and girlfriends fight back by calling out “the other woman.” allows you to publicly expose the woman who broke up your relationship. Users can post the full name, location info, contact info, and photos of their ex’s mistress, along with a story about what went down. The site’s motto? “If you can’t beat them, expose them!”

Sounds cathartic. But is it right?

While exposing the person who has caused you pain might feel good, it does raise some ethical questions. Namely, does publicly shaming the other woman (even if she might deserve it) hurt all of womankind? Does this site help empower us or just bolster claims that women are catty and passive-aggressive? Is the best revenge mean-spirited justice or simply moving on?

And hey, shouldn’t some of this rage be directed at the unfaithful partner who did the actual cheating?

What do you think? Would you expose “the other woman” in your relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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