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Economical Exercising

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Hard times are most certainly upon us. The US government is having trouble paying its bills, the Glee kids may be unemployed, and even Gwyneth Paltrow is tweeting about having sex for free CDs.

Ironically, as we tighten our belts figuratively, it becomes harder to tighten them literally without breaking the bank. We cut the gym, ditch diet programs and eventually resort to the most economical but ridiculous weight-loss regimen: fasting. The only person who maybe should try fasting is Steven Seagal (please don’t arrest us).

But fear not! You can be rich and fit (sans starvation) with our favorite frugal fitness options for $10 or less!

1) Go Outside: Nix the treadmill and hit the pavement running – or perhaps power walking. Find accessible exercise routes with local school tracks, running paths and parks. Cost? FREE (or $6.99 with pedometer)!

2) Buy Cheap Equipment: Can’t go to the gym? Make the gym come to you! Purchase inexpensive fitness tools like jump ropes, workout DVDs, Pilates balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, and kettlebell weights  – are all just as effective as the elliptical.

3) Go Google: The web is famous for exposing our little secrets, so now we can expose one of theirs– free/discounted workout opportunities! Check out,, or simply “google” deals on classes, trainers, and more!

4) Double Up: Get a true bang for your buck by using furniture as exercise equipment. Do tricep dips on dining room chairs, sit ups on Oriental rugs, and planks in the backyard! Just don’t use the fridge – you may get distracted.

5) Think Outside the Exercise Box: Sometimes the best workouts aren’t workouts at all. Clean your house, dance, even go shopping – trying on clothes burns 150 calories an hour!


xx, The FabFitFun Team

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