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Burn 100 Calories Quick

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Ladies, we know that between the day care doldrums, midnight feedings, and long, stressful days at the office, the gym may be light years from your minds. But with these quick everyday tricks, you can have your body beach-ready any time of year, without ever stepping into the gym!

It seems like celebs like Natalie Portman and Beyonce Knowles just meander the farmers markets or push their kids on the swings and still look great. Well, guess what? You can too! By simply incorporating household chores, energy-intense “to-dos,” and a little spring in your step, you can easily incorporate fitness into your everyday life! Try these 10 tips the next time you're running slim on time to get to the gym — all of which can help burn an extra 100 calories in no time!

Vacuuming: Spending 25 minutes vacuuming up last night's soirée is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone!

Gardening: Like to garden? It's the digging and raking that will reap the most fitness benefits — burning 100 calories within 15 minutes!

Dancing: Twenty minutes of dancing burns 100 calories, and yes, jammin' out in your underwear to Michael Jackson before getting dressed in the morning totally counts!

Ironing: If you've gotta look good for work, feel the burn while pressing your pants! Just 25 minutes burns 100 calories.

Giving a full-body massage: Treat your man right with a full-on rub down after work…and get skinny while doing it!

Get it on: There are a plethora of benefits of having regular sex. One of them is getting into those skinny jeans! A half hour of rolling in the hay will get the job done.

Wash the car: Just 18 minutes of washing and waxing, and you're one step closer to being bikini ready. Who’s ready for a bikini car wash?

Get coffee out: Walking to your favorite coffee shop instead of brewing at home is a quick and easy way to feel the burn.

Give the dog a bath: A 14-minute bubble bath for your pooch is all it takes!

Go shopping: Yes, ladies, we know you love to hear this! Just 25 minutes of shopping with your girlfriends, and you're 100 calories in! Have fun!

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