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The Perfect Curl

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Achieving the perfect hair curl can be harder than David Beckham’s abs. But thanks to hairstylist to the stars Robert Vetica, you can put a little bounce in your tresses no matter what your hair type is! (Except maybe bald.)

Thin/Straight Hair:

No more falling flat! Robert suggests that if you use a curling iron to keep it small, no more than 1/2 inch thick. The curls will be tight at first but they will drop. He recommends to always use a generic thermal protector spray and a volume mousse. (At FFF we love the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray and Fat Hair Volume Mousse.)

For special events or when you just have some time to spare, Robert is all about the pin curl look. Towel dry hair until a bit damp or dry then use 2-inch thick section pin curls with clips and dip your fingers in the mousse. Grab your hair and wrap the pin curls around, starting at the root. Robert also suggests that when you blow dry to use a diffuser and to not use too much tension. If you want tight curls use a wide-tooth comb and if you want loose waves use a brush. Use a medium hold hairspray to finish it off!

Curly/Thick Hair:

Even with naturally curly hair, frizz and fly can kill any curl. Luckily, Robert has some great suggestions for the natural tresses.

He suggests using a little bit of curling cream or mousse by Moroccan Oil on wet to damp hair. Make sure to scrunch while it dries to add curl and break up any product. Once it dries, you can finish with mousse by Moroccan Oil if there are any fly aways. If you want bigger curls à la Salma Hayek, you can also do the pin curls mentioned above after applying the product.

Voilà! Beautiful, bouncy tresses!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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