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Trick?…Or Treat?

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by The Workout Girl

Halloween is awesome in so many ways. It’s an excuse to dress up in costume, no matter your age. (Always fun.) Costumes are usually a great conversation starter to meet cute boys at a Halloween party. (Always fun.) But, there’s also a ton of candy everywhere taunting you with chocolaty goodness (not so fun for your waistline).  This Halloween, be prepared with my top three tips to curb your candy cravings:

1. Hunker down with some H2O. We’ve all been there — you’re not hungry, but then you see a candy bar and all of a sudden you feel the pangs of hunger. When this happens, down a bottle of water. It will help you feel full when you’re likely just “hungry” out of boredom/desire for some chocolate.

2. Pull a fast one on your sweet tooth. Craving something sweet? Instead of reaching for the candy, snack on some fruit. Fruit has natural sugar that is sure to satisfy your craving without packing on the calories.

3. Write it down. Write down your health/fitness goals on a sticky note and post it to your mirror so you see it when you’re getting ready in the morning. As Halloween approaches, you’ll be less likely to succumb to cravings when you are keeping your goals in mind.

If you do happen to have a mini-binge on Halloween candy, don’t fret. The Workout Girl is here to rescue you with weekly workouts that you can do anywhere.

Workout Girl

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