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Color Blocks

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What: Color Blocks

Designed by: Parris, San Francisco, CA

Style Inspiration: Parris is the co-founder of a new nail polish company called Pams & Kin. She loves being daring with fashion and trying the new trends, colors, and patterns of the seasons. She was inspired by this spring’s color blocking trend and using the Pams & Kin bright fun colors.

Here’s how to recreate this look: 

1. Apply one coat of Pams & Kin Safety Dance. Let dry completely.

2. Use craft zig zag scissors to cut out pieces of blue painter’s tape.

3. Place a piece of the tape in a diagonal pattern to cover the bottom part of each nail. The area that is covered is where the original color will show through.

5. Paint a second color using Pams & Kin The Blue Roses on the top part. However, after painting each nail, take the tape off immediately so that the polish won’t dry on the tape and you get a straight line.

6. Let dry completely.

7. Then take a nail art pin and follow the zig zag pattern to highlight (shown on the thumb).

8. Do a clear coat over the top!

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