Chores That Burn Calories

Chores That Burn

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Some things were just meant to go together…PB and J…Ross and Rachel…polka dots and bikinis…Housewives and Pinot…

Of course there’s no better, or more needed combo, than Spring and cleaning . So quit procrastinating ladies and mop to it!

Need more motivating? (If you’re like us, then yes, you definitely do). You can get lean and clean at the same time because we found the chores that burn the most cals* so you can check two things off your “to-do” list tomorrow.

Vacuuming: Wrestling with this machine can be a workout in itself and the push/pull of the vacuum along with walking while you work can burn 154 calories!

Washing dishes: Give the dishwasher a rest and do the work yourself to burn 80 cals!

Moving household items upstairs: Both a leg and an arm workout depending on how heavy the items are that you’re carrying, you’ll torch 308 big ones!

Scrubbing floors: Channel Cinderella and get down on those hands and knees to make those floors good as new. No wonder she’s skinny, it burns 172 calories!

Sweeping: Get those crumbs off the floor using brisk movements and sizzle 141 cals off your frame!

Mopping: Filling up the bucket with water and then lifting the sopping mop is no easy feat, but hey it burns big numbers — 154 to be exact!

Ironing: Iron for an hour and burn 80 calories! Hey that’s still better than nothing!

*All numbers are based on a 135 pound woman working for one hour.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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