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Charity We Love: Make Capes for Kids with The Hero Project

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Each day at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, kids fight valiantly against illnesses such as cancer. In short, they are our superheroes. That’s why we love the mission behind the hospital’s charitable venture: The Hero Project. The charity aims to turn kids into superheroes by giving them colorful capes, masks, cuffs, and even a few tutus along the way to lift their spirits.

How can you help? If your superhero power is wielding sewing needles, the hospital offers a pattern for creating a sewable cape. We love the capes that have empowering messages like, “You Are Out of This World” and the amazing pink and leopard Batman number! Don’t have an aptitude for sewing? Not to worry, there’s a no-sew option as well, which makes this an awesome project for families or groups to work on together. You can also simply donate online to help the caregivers at the Children’s Hospital create the capes and fund other outreach opportunities.

With Capes for Kids, you have the power to make children smile and feel as if they can leap tall buildings with a single step. And that’s a superpower all on its own. That’s why this month, we salute The Hero Project!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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I have tons of material - some left from other projects and some just bought because of an especially good sale, or something I just "had to have".   I'm definitely up for making some of these capes.  I'll get my daughter involved with me on sewing these, too.  What a great idea!