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Build a Better Breakfast

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If we say “breakfast” and you say “whatever’s in the Starbucks case” or “mystery meat biscuit from a vending machine,” it’s time to build a better breakfast. We promise — this won’t hurt a bit. You’ll need a little something from each of the groups to achieve breakfast perfection!

The Foundation:
Start off with a solid foundation of energy, which means protein. This will sustain you until lunch. If you don’t do anything else for breakfast, eat something with protein.

The Materials: Greek yogurt, granola with nuts, turkey bacon, protein smoothie, eggs, a handful of nuts, a can of light tuna or smoked salmon.

The Framing:
Now it’s time to enrich your better breakfast with a fibrous framework. Fiber can help your blood sugar levels stay steady so you don’t feel like you’re riding a blood sugar roller coaster at Six Flags. Because we don’t mince words, fiber also makes you poop. Not the moment after you eat it, but it keeps things moving.

The Materials: A slice of whole-grain bread, half a whole-grain bagel, a handful of raspberries, cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving, black beans or a cup of strawberries.

The Pretty:
Breakfast shouldn’t be boring. You can still dress it up and make it pretty. These breakfast extras are the fat-free icing to your sugar-free cake.

The Materials: Salsa to top eggs, bananas, raisins, natural honey, fat-free whipped topping, a grapefruit, cottage cheese or a few tomato slices.

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