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The Truth Behind Binge Eating

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Everyone self-soothes with food on occasion (Godiva chocolate, anyone?), but when overeating becomes regular and you lose control, you might have an issue with binge eating. Many celebs have opened up about their relationships with food, including Oprah who has admitted she once ate 30 pounds of mac and cheese due to stress!

Here are the facts about binge eating and how to prevent it.

3 Truths About Binge Eating

1. Binge eating is usually emotional. Specialist Danielle Prestejohn said it’s almost always a way to deal with what you’re feeling.

2. Food is not the problem. Prestejohn (who started dieting when she was just 10) believed if she found the right diet everything would be OK. But she pointed out that eating food and not dealing with your emotions doesn’t solve your problem.

3. Binge eating can feel like a vicious cycle, but it is treatable. With the right mindset and help from friends, family, and professionals, you can develop a better relationship with food.


3 Steps to Prevent Binge Eating

1. Become more aware. If you think you might have an unhealthy relationship with food, learn more about binge eating. Check out sites, such as the Binge Eating Disorder Association’s website, and talk to nutritionists and others for support.

2. Address body image. Prestejohn said to find role models who are a similar size to you — celebrities or people in your life — and to start seeing different sizes as beautiful. She also advises noticing negative body image thoughts throughout the day and asking, “Is this true?”

3. Deal with emotions in a healthy way. Instead of turning to food as your best friend, turn to your actual best friend and talk about the issue. Or write about it. Or do whatever works to help manage stress and tackle the real issues.

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