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Best Gadgets for Pregnancy

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Expectant moms aren’t exactly known for their geekiness, but it doesn’t mean that these super-fun high-tech gadgets aren’t appealing, addicting, and totally lovable. Get your geek on with these rad doodads today (just make sure you’re preggers first!).

Bellybuds: This allows you to simultaneously listen to and share soothing music with your baby! They fit your baby bump perfectly and can be plugged into any standard music-playing device. Music in the womb is proven to help baby grow physically and developmentally, and Bellybuds definitely makes that easy and accessible!

Kickbee: This device tracks baby’s movements in your belly, and best yet, it posts the information straight to Twitter! Nerds rejoice: The system consists of piezometric sensors held together with an elastic band, based on an Arduino Mini board that connects to a host computer using Bluetooth. Who knew?

DuoFertility: This is great for both expecting parents and their hopeful counterparts. With more than 20,000 measurements, DuoFertility can check when the peak of your ovulation is, letting you know when it’s the best time for baby makin’!

Beforme: This is a gadget designed to strengthen the bond between mama and baby. This stethoscope with MP3 player records and plays the heartbeats of your baby in the making. The device also tracks the heartbeats on a graph that can be uploaded to your computer for baby visits with the doctor!

LAKS Baby Boom Pregnancy Watch: A stylish accessory AND a cool pregnancy device? We’re in! The watch tracks which week of pregnancy you’re in, gives cool tips as you progress, and even recommends baby names if you’re undecided!

With all of these fun gadgets and gizmos to keep you busy, nine months will fly by in a breeze, and your little pumpkin will be here before you know it! Have fun! :)

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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