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Best Beauty Tips and Tricks

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Here at FabFitFun, our beauty philosophy is to boldly go where no other woman has gone before. Yep, our team is full of adventurous, go-gettin’ daredevils who will try anything once. (Except the Miley Cyrus haircut. We draw the line there.)

Aside from that, we’ve done it all; tanned with Crisco Oil (hey, we were young, stupid, and greasy), used coffee grounds to “remove cellulite,” we even ironed our hair…with an actual IRON! And while none of those actually worked out (in fact, we almost had to get “The Miley” cut to fix the damage from the iron) we have discovered a couple of tips that really DO work.

We asked our team to dig deep into their beauty arsenals and divulge the beauty secrets that make their skin glow, their hair shine, and their friends jealous. (And don’t worry, Crisco is not a required ingredient.)


xx, The FabFitFun Team

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