Study shows women with big butts tend to be healthier and smarter

We Like Big Butts and We Cannot Lie!

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Hallelujah! Another reason to love that junk in your trunk!

Recently, scientists at Oxford University found that not all fat is created equal. In fact, women who carry their weight on their backsides have a lower risk of diabetes and heart problems. That’s because pear-shaped people tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and higher levels of sugar-metabolizing hormones than those who carry their weight around the middle. Additionally, it seems the tissues in those plush posteriors can trap harmful fat particles and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

If that isn’t reason enough to embrace your badonkadonk, the researchers also found that brain-developing omega-3 fats required by a grand derrière tend to make children of curvier women intellectually superior to the kids of their slimmer counterparts.

But even if these fabulous findings make you want to throw on a pair of hot pants and show off your sexy behind, they don’t give you the go ahead to start bingeing on unhealthy snacks. Packing on the pounds to pad your bum won’t necessarily make you healthier.  It still isn’t clear whether toting a heavier tush is better for you than simply being thin.

The best option of all? Getting fit and loving yourself! But no more complaining when the fat in your dessert goes straight to your thighs!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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