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Beauty Tuesday: Snail Mucus BB Cream

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We had a hard time getting ourselves to eat escargot. (Enough champagne will get you to do pretty much anything.) So when we heard about women in Japan using snail mucus as an anti-aging skin treatment, our initial response was “EW,” followed by “Hell no,” followed by “pass the bottle.”

Yep, you read right. We said, snail…mucus. As in the slimy little trail that comes off of those shelled bugs? insects? aliens? …whatever they are. But as it turns out, the snail’s gooey trail is actually chock-full of elastin and glycolic acid, which have crazy skin rejuvenating and conditioning properties.

But before you go running out to the garden to snatch up a few of your new best youth-yielding friends, we’ve found a better (less disgusting) solution! Napoleon Perdis, a leading Aussie cosmetics and skincare brand has come up with their Auto Pilot BBB Cream with SPF 30, which contains the potent natural ingredient.

The cream’s star ingredient offers dual benefits by stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin to diminish existing damage to the skin and minimizes the effects of free radicals to prevent new signs of aging. Plus, a blend of marine minerals along with blueberry seed extract and green tea extract make sure that you won’t feel like you just went through an episode of Fear Factor after applying it.

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