Giada De Laurentiis' Beauty Secrets

Beauty Tuesday: Secrets from Giada De Laurentiis

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We love watching cooking shows hosted by celeb chefs, but let’s be honest, we don’t usually look to them for beauty inspiration. (Although Guy Fieri’s highlights are pretty fabulous.)

There is, however, one exception to this rule. If you’ve ever seen Giada at Home, or The Next Food Network Star, you know that not only is Giada de Laurentiis an uh-mazing cook, she is also incredibly gorgeous! We had the chance to sit down with the chef, mom, and judge to find out all of her secrets to staying so svelte and stunningly beautiful.

Having a cooking show, and having to taste indulgent dishes all the time, how do you stay so fit?!
Well, I eat a little bit of everything, and not a lot of anything. I think everything is about moderation. So, y’know you can eat dessert, and you can have a glass of wine, and you can have some pasta, you just can’t have a lot of it. I just make sure that if I have it, I have small portions.

You’re a big fan of coconut oil. Do you use it in everything? Or are there certain recipes that you really like to use coconut oil in?
Well to be honest, I used to very much dislike coconut, and I didn’t use it in any of my food. And then, about a year ago, I was on a photo shoot somewhere, and my hair was really dry, and the hairstylist said, “You know, if you take some coconut oil, and you just put it on the tips of your hair, it’s lighter than olive oil, and it’ll be almost creamy. And then just rinse it off, it’ll make the ends look super shiny.” So I thought, I gotta try that! I went out, and I bought myself some coconut oil. And in doing that, I fell in love with the smell of the coconut oil, and the taste. So I started using it in cooking.

So it started with beauty, and then went to cooking?
Ya! Isn’t that funny? It doesn’t usually happen that way. But, in this case it did. I made those nuts, the cashews and sunflower seeds, and I take just a tablespoon of coconut oil, and I melt it with a tablespoon of maple syrup. And I pour it over the nuts, and there’s shredded coconut in there as well. I put it on a baking sheet, and I bake it 375 for about 15 minutes until they’re golden. And that makes a great snack for my bag — for my daughter and for me. So I do that, and I put it in salad dressings. From time to time I put it in my daughter’s pasta with a little maple syrup to make it kind of sweet, and it’s really fun. And then you can do it in smoothies, you can do it in salad dressings, you can do it in a lot of different types of things. So I’ve used it more and more and more, and then I take a little bit with me when I travel…Everything gets so dry when you get on planes. I use it on my cuticles, on my fingernails, my toes, and the bottom of your feet– cause I wear a lot of heels, and I get calluses, and it just smooths everything out. [But] I wouldn’t use it all over your hands, in fact, I was on Access Hollywood this morning, and Billy Bush put the coconut oil all over his hands and it just looked, so greasy– like I need to wash my hands, I can’t even touch anything! So I wouldn’t say you should put it everywhere.

Is there any one ingredient in your diet that makes a difference for you beauty-wise?
So there’s a few things that I do on a regular basis. I do use some coconut oil — not a ton though — like anything else, it’s an oil, so you can’t use a ton of it. Olive oil, and um, lots of water to stay hydrated, and lemon juice. I pour lemon juice in my water, I pour lemon juice on everything. And it’s really, it’s sort of an anti-bacterial, almost, for your body. And um, in water it helps clear my throat, it helps keep everything really fresh, it’s got great flavor. Plus, lemons are really great to clean fingers–cause, y’know, garlic, and all the stuff that you touch kind of smells — especially when you have nails, stuff gets trapped! So it’s really good, I just kind of put my fingers in lemon juice, and it just kind of cleans everything out and makes your nails nice and white.

Why did you want to partner with Clairol?
Clairol and myself, we sort of have a very similar philosophy. For me, I try to empower women in the kitchen.…In this instance, for Clairol and Natural Instincts, they’re trying to empower women with their hair color…making it affordable, making it something that’s actually good for you with antioxidants and amino acids, and making women feel good about themselves. And I try to do the same thing in the kitchen. So we’re both doing the same thing, just in different areas. So why not bring it together?

Exactly! And when you’re in the kitchen on your show, you make dishes that look amazing, so who actually gets to eat those meals?
What I’ve done, is as a crew gift, at the beginning of the show I give everybody a bag of Tupperware. We put their names on it, and everybody keeps that tupperware, puts food in there, and takes it home to their families. So that’s how we do it, including my husband of course. My husband and my daughter get the food too. So my husband is extremely ecstatic when I’m shooting, because that means he gets stuff to bring home.

Soooo how do we become crew members is the question?!
Exactly! I always say that I don’t ever have a problem finding people to work on my show, because their families are usually extremely happy — and well-fed!

Are there any special summer indulgences that we have to try? Anything new that you’re loving recipe-wise?
Well, I would say, try adding coconut oil and maple syrup to nuts [Using the aforementioned recipe!]…I’m really into shakes lately. Smoothies and shakes, berries, it could be greens, it could be anything at all. And then I would say, my strawberry brisket that’s one of my favorites lately. So grill some bread, and put a little butter. And then I take some sliced strawberries and toss them with a little bit of lemon juice and sugar. Let them sit for about five minutes until they soften the strawberries, and then I put it on top and I put it out. And it’s so pretty! It’s light, but still indulgent, and y’know fruits are so popular right now, so the berries — I’ve always got tons. It’s good to use it in sort of a different kind of spin.

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