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Summer Fashion Secrets from BCBG

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Some summer fashion trends become classic styles that last year after year — think strapless dresses, wedge sandals, white pants and maxis.

Of course others — like overall shorts, Crocs, boyshort bikinis, and boot sandals need to be left in the closet…a closet that has been locked, welded shut and guarded by the Hunger Games’ tracker jackers and mutant mutts.

Yes, we’ve all succumbed to the occasional tragic trend. So to help us sort through the enigma that is summer fashion, we chatted with the gorgeous and utterly chic Lubov Azria, aka chief creative officer of the uh-mazing BCBGMaxAzria Group. The fab fashionista has been a stylish force behind BCBG’s coveted flirty dresses and Herve Leger’s trendsetting bodycon stunners. Today Lubov breaks down what trends we should embrace this summer, what it’s like working with her husband, and her style inspirations.

We’re seeing a lot of floral on the runways. Will it be big in your summer collection?
We always use floral in our spring and summer collections, and this season we’re using tropical floral to convey the feeling of summer.

Bright colors are undeniably hot for spring. Will the color wave continue into summer? Are there any colors that will be super hot?
Color is the most important trend for the spring and summer collections. People naturally gravitate toward color because it simply makes them happy. This season I’m really in love with orange and all of its shades.

What other summer trends can we expect to see?
A lot of textures, metal finishes, and tribal accents in prints and accessories.

BCBGMaxAzria makes gorgeous swimsuits. Any swimwear trends for summer 2012?
Cutouts! We incorporated them mostly in our one-pieces, with cutouts on the torso as well as in crochet styles.

Ankle socks, feather headpieces, suspenders — yea or nay on each?

Rompers were super popular last year. Are they out? Or can we rock the onesies again this year?
I am a huge fan of jumpsuits! This season, we updated them with an open back and the season’s hottest trends, like a saturated color and animal print.

What look or style do you wish would come back in fashion?

What recent fashion trend were you glad to see the end of?
Trucker hats.

You explain that you and Max make a great work combo, but does it ever get a little too close for comfort?
Max’s office is on the other side of the building, so we really just meet for lunch. In all seriousness, I think we have an immense level of respect for each other. Max is a visionary, and I’m detail-oriented. We’re each other’s support and love, and that’s why we make a great team.

You moved from Texas to LA, where you graduated from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?
My earliest passions were in fine arts, particularly the ballet. In Russia, I danced for what is similar to the Kirov today. In ballet you constantly practice discipline and patience, which are essential in the work I do now. While I enjoyed my time as a ballerina, I found myself increasingly drawn to the costumes. I enrolled in a fashion institute and discovered my love and talent in fashion.

You’ve had celebrities like Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Cheryl Cole wearing your gorgeous Hervé Léger pieces. Do you have a favorite celebrity you work with?
I don’t have just one. All of these ladies exude a confidence that translates to beauty, and that’s really what HL is all about.

You’ve been incredibly supportive of charities such as Susan G. Komen, H.E.L.P. Malawi, and Fashion for Haiti for a long time. What inspired you to get involved?
To make this world a better place. I try to make strides toward this goal every day. I feel incredibly fortunate to lead the life I live and try to give back as much as possible. These are all charities that I feel incredibly passionate about!

Being from Ukraine, do you think Eastern European trends have influenced any of your designs?
Eastern European women covet high fashion. Their lifestyle is very different from American women’s, so of course their fashion will reflect that. BCBGMaxAzria is the definition of a lifestyle brand, and our collection extends to all women. After all, every woman needs a great tunic, and believe me, we have it!

You have more than 350,000 followers on Twitter and more than 270,000 likes on Facebook. How big of a role does social media play in your day-to-day operations? And do you enjoy connecting with your consumers online?
Social media constantly stimulates the senses, so it’s more important than ever to stand out and have your own distinctive style. I’m thrilled and excited to see all the positive feedback I’ve received through Facebook. “Look of the Day” is an amazing way to connect with our fans, and we also do “Chic Set,” which highlights all the other style types wearing BCBGMaxAzria looks. Inspiration comes from our surroundings and the people we see every day. I think every day should be a new day to put your best foot forward. And for me, it’s about looking good and feeling great.

What’s the most memorable moment of your career so far?
The first time I came out with Max for our fall 2001 runway show. It was memorable because it was the moment that showcased our shared passion, our love and the strength of our brand.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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