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Bachelorette Bash

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When we think “bachelorette party,” a few images come to mind: One, Kristen Wiig getting drunkenly kicked out of the first class cabin in Bridesmaids; two, us getting drunkenly kicked out of Caesars Palace for climbing on a statue to pole dance on Caesar’s staff; three…well, we can’t really remember anything else from the last bachelorette party we attended (hmm, how did we get down from there anyway?).

Look, it’s not that we don’t love Las Vegas (some of our favorite non-memories were made there), but this is the most anticipated night of a bride-to-be’s life (well, minus the wedding night) and she deserves a creative and memorable party! Here are some awesome alternative ideas for your bachelorette bash!

Tequila Tasting: If wine tasting is a little too tame for your bridal party, kick it up a notch with a tequila tasting! Host it yourself by serving premium picks such as Jose and Patrón. Don’t forget to have plenty of marg mix and savory snacks!

Yoga Party: Is the bride-to-be also a yogi? Plan a yoga party and hire a top-notch instructor for a session followed by a spa day for you and the girls! (She’ll appreciate the extra flexibility on her wedding night!)

Piano Bar: Don’t let the bride embarrass herself by singing an off-key rendition of My Heart Will Go On at a karaoke bar; leave it to the professionals (instead) to embarrass her! Take her to a dueling piano bar, where she is sure to be pulled onstage for an unforgettable number.

Yacht Party: Take a note from Eva Longoria and head to the high seas for her last hurrah (OK, so maybe it didn’t turn out to be her last night of singledom, but we bet Tony feels both single and dumb now). Board a Hornblower Cruise for a private party of drinking, dancing, dinner, and of course, strippers dressed (or undressed) like sailors. Ahoy there matey, let us climb aboard!

Limo Scavenger Hunt: Set up a picture scavenger hunt in your hometown and hire a limo to chauffeur all the gals around as you snap shots (and take shots)! Be sure to end at the bride’s fave bar! Don’t want to plan it yourself? Check out our friends at Out of the Box Events who can create a customized hunt for you and your lovely ladies!

Party Bike Bar Crawl: Make it a beach-lorette party! Hop on a 14-person tandem beach cruiser and pedal together to each hotspot to enjoy drink specials!

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P.S. No matter what kind of bachelorette party you’re throwing, you and the girls are sure to do a little pre-partying before hitting the town. Keep with the theme and enjoy some wedding cake flavored vodka! Yep, now you can have your cake and drink it too! Pearl’s Wedding Cake vodka is delish and couples nicely with pretty much every mixer. Check out these recipes for some scrumptious ways to “tie one on” before tying the knot!

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