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Avoid Common Workout Mistakes

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If you’re like most of America, the closest you’ve come to a personal trainer is your small but energetic dog, who barks at you each morning to get out of bed and take him for a walk. Well, while we can’t pay for your next training session, we can bring you must-read advice from one of Hollywood’s most coveted celeb trainers.

Valerie Waters is best known for getting stars like Jen Garner, J-Lo and Ben Affleck (talk about six degrees of separation) into rock hard shape. But today Valerie is all about you. The fitness guru breaks down common workout mistakes and explains how you can avoid them.

Stretching: It’s a must! But Valerie explains that stretching before a workout can make the muscles tired. Instead, she suggests a “dynamic warm up, which is stretching through movement.” This movement wakes up your nervous system and warms up the muscles for the workout. Do a traditional stretch after your workout as you cool down.

The Workout: “There is too much emphasis on cardio, and not enough on strength training,” says Valerie. For women who are scared of getting too bulky, Valerie suggests circuit training. “It burns calories, creates shape and is a better fat burner than the treadmill.”

Eating: When to eat depends on what time of the day you exercise. Valerie explains that if you work out in the morning, you should eat after. However, if you work out in the afternoon, then eat lunch before and have a snack afterwards. Ideally, you want to eat some protein and carbs within 45 minutes of your workout to fuel muscles.

Time: We’re all busy, but Valerie suggests that you can get a good workout in 20 minutes – anything less than that is not effective. A good 20-minute workout should include a 5-minute movement prep (never skipped) followed by a rigorous 15-minute workout that includes compound moves like lunge kicks and squat thrusts.

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