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It’s Over, Gym

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That’s right, we said it. Say buh-bye to that fancy gym membership because you don’t need it to get your body rocking like Miranda Kerr or Gwen Stefani. Yes, we’re being totally serious.

Fitness trainer and author of No Gym Required, Jennifer Cohen, is all about keeping it real and foregoing any bank-busting exercise equipment. She tells us that the best routines are the ones that fit into your schedule, not the other way around; you can do simple things like parking your car further away from your office or taking a brisk walk during your lunch break. Jennifer says doing those things can actually be better than going to the gym where people often times plateau from doing the same things over and over again.

So we met up with her at the famous Santa Monica stairs where Jennifer showed us five simple workouts using just our most fashionable workout gear, dumbbells, and of course, the stairs! Let’s just say, we’re still feeling the burn and we didn’t need that darn lying elliptical.

Also, some essentials to Jennifer’s workout: Evolve Muscle Milk protein shake that’s a good pre or post workout snack, an upbeat playlist, and a trusty Polar heart rate monitor.

1. Stairs with bicep curl
Holding a light weight in each hand, keep your elbows in toward your sides and lift the weights up and then back down as you climb the stairs.

2. Pushup
Getting into a plank position, place your hands on an elevated platform (step) and do a pushup. Make sure you keep your abs engaged and back straight. Do 10 reps.

3. Reverse lunge
Start with both feet on the step. Take one leg and step back into a lunge, keeping your back heel lifted off the ground. Try to get your knee as close to a 90-degree angle as possible. Alternate legs back and forth. Do 20 reps.

4. Overhead press
Using dumbbells, start with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms in a 90-degree angle so your weights are level with your shoulders.  From here, press up and over your head and come back to starting position. Do 20 reps.

5. Mountain climbers
Start in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Drive one knee in toward your chest, then alternate knees. Alternate back and forth at a fast pace for 30 seconds. Keep your abs engaged!

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Judy L Wang
Judy L Wang

omggg the santa monica stairs= KILLER workout!