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Alyson Hannigan’s Dos and Don’ts

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Band Camp.

Alyson Hannigan single-handedly changed the way the world looked at those two words forever!

Since then the hilarious actress has continued to make us LOL on How I Met Your Mother and managed to get married, have a baby, and create a charity along the way. And we’re not even gonna mention her role as the nerdy, brilliant Willow who became a good/evil/good again werewolf loving/girl loving witch (yes, we were Buffy fanatics).

Of course, the spunky redhead is as beautiful as she is funny and versatile. We would kill for her gorgeous tresses, so it’s no wonder that she is the new ambassador for Head & Shoulders.

You have amazing hair! But have you ever had any “what was I thinking?” hair moments?

There was a time where I thought crimping my hair was a good idea. And it wasn’t. When everyone else was doing it, it probably was, but I did it about six months after everyone had already stopped.

What is your secret to keeping your locks so lovely?

I use Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care 2in1 because it fits into my wash and go routine. I love the smell and how using the product every day makes my hair look healthy and gives it tons of body and shine.

In addition to being the ambassador for Head & Shoulders, you’re also working on their Good Girlfriend Guide, an advice column for women. What’s the best advice your own girlfriends have given you?

Stop crimping your hair.…kidding. The best advice I have been given was when my husband and I were just friends. I wanted to set my good girlfriend up with him and after she met him, she immediately said we were perfect for each other.

You put the “fit” in FabFitFun! How did you get back into shape after your daughter was born?

Unfortunately, the only way you can do it is by exercising and eating right. I hired a new trainer who made working out fun. He always comes up with new, fun ways to work out.

Your national charity, Mom’s Night Out, encourages moms to take a night off and celebrate themselves for a change. Did you get the idea for this from your experience as a new mother?

Now that I’m a mother, I understand why it’s important. It’s something that you realize it’s important, but often forget about. I think my daughter was around 6 months old before we ever went out. It is so important to have time away and for yourself. You need to celebrate you.

What’s your number one dating do?

Laugh and enjoy who you are with.

How about a dating don’t?

Don’t be on your cell phone.

What’s the worst fashion- or beauty-related faux pas you’ve ever made?

In high school, I was very into wearing cartoon boxer shorts over leggings.

How do you avoid craft services while working on a TV show?

It’s very hard, but chewing gum helps curb the sweets craving.

Any tips for keeping a healthy and happy marriage in Hollywood?

Don’t go out in Hollywood, stay at home, marry your best friend and always communicate and work together. Be a team.

What jams get your blood flowing during a workout?

It’s always changing, but Pink has a lot of good workout songs.

What’s your favorite way to burn calories?

Swimming or something that can be fun and doesn’t really feel like a workout.

What’s your go-to healthy snack?

I always love fruit, and now my trainer says to mix it with almonds. I create fruit and nut combinations.

What is one food you wish had zero calories?

Cupcakes with a side of fries.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

Head and Shoulders 2in1, as a busy mom, that’s my wash and go routine!

If you weren’t a famous actress, what would you want to do for work?

I’m not sure it’s a job, but professional candy taster seems like the perfect job.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Who is your celebrity crush (we won’t tell…OK we will…but tell us anyway)?

Ryan Gosling.

What’s your favorite way to relieve stress?

Hanging out with my family.

Who do you most look up to and why? How has this person inspired you?

I really admire and look up to our director of How I Met Your Mother, Pamela Fryman. She is an incredible woman, mother, and friend.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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