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Fitness Refresh

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Remember those fitness resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Those plans to hit the gym every day? Train for a marathon? Lose 20 pounds?

By now, you’ve probably noticed that sticking to lofty exercise goals all year can be tough, especially as the days roll by and life gets in the way. By spring, we’re struggling to keep our workouts fresh and fun.

So this year, we asked workout guru and celeb trainer extraordinaire Kathy Kaehler to give us some tips on amping up our workout routine in order to help us get back on track. Here’s what she said about staying motivated and fit all year long.

1. Make sure to set out your gym bag the night before.
Seeing it laying out in front of you when you wake up can be a great motivator to get out of bed. No need to rummage through your drawers if your gear is all ready to go!

So what exactly to pack? A reusable water bottle, a change of clothes, some headphones, and a sweat towel. Plus, my secret fresh weapon: Always Sheer Liners. Wearing a pair while you work out will keep you feeling like you just stepped out of the shower, even after an intense day at the gym. They come in convenient purse packs, which makes it easy to throw them into your gym bag as part of your daily routine. Knowing you’ll still feel fresh at the end of your sweat sesh can be a great motivator to get you working hard.

2. Get out of your comfort zone.
Instead of continuing your old winter workout, let the new season inspire you to try something different. Test out an anti-gravity class or a boxing lesson. Get a trainer, jump in to an aquatics group, or take a spin on a bike. Learning new moves will challenge your heart rate and your muscles, getting you into better shape faster.

3. Get a new fit wardrobe.
One of my fave ways to kick up my workout is with new fitness gear. There’s just something about feeling cute at the gym that can lead to an extra energy boost. It’s another one of the reasons I love Always Sheer Liners. The thin, flexible, and discreet design can be worn with practically anything. That means you can totally rock them under your super cute new yoga pants and still feel confident. Down-there freshness during your downward facing dog is important to all of us – 19% of women think that wearing a Liner makes the most sense for a fitness routine, and we totally agree[1]!

4. Try a one-minute home workout.
With spring on the way, it is time to dust off your home gym workout gear for a little backyard training. Creating a circuit that uses what you already own can wake up the muscles, incinerate calories, and get you to break a sweat without requiring a trip to the gym.

Grab your jump rope, dumbbells, resistance band, exercise ball, and a mat. Then, make a list of moves to do for one minute each. (Check out an example of a workout I have done with some of my celebrity clients below!)

It’s as easy as that! Incorporate Kathy’s tips into your workout routine and you’ll feel strong, fit, and fresh all season. If that doesn’t put a little spring into your step, nothing will!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

Kathy’s One-Minute Home Workout:

Do each exercise for one minute then move to the next. Complete all 10 and repeat.

Jump Rope
Push-Ups on the ball
Crunches with feet on the ball
Jumping Jacks
Biceps Curls with a band
Overhead Press with dumbbells
Triceps Dips in a chair
Jump Rope

Want even more tips to revamp your beauty and fitness routines? Check out our Spring Refresh Series brought to you by Always.

[1] Statistics are based on a 2013 online survey of 1,000 women ages 18-34

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Deanna Waters

Love this post!  Thanks for a great routine each day.