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Girls’ Night with Ali Landry

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Small town Southern girl becomes Miss USA, lands giant Doritos commercial, and finds a storybook Hollywood romance…until of course the Tinseltown curse strikes, breaking up the rumor-filled marriage after just two weeks.

But of course this is Hollywood — and the only thing this town loves more than the ingénue is the comeback kid. You could certainly give Ali Landry the title. With Hollywood Girls Night back on TV Guide, a movie on the way, a children’s clothing line, and a gorgeous happy family, Ali Landry does seem to finally have it all.

We chatted with the Southern charmer about the new girly season, her beauty secrets, dating tips, and how she balances her busy life!

How did the idea for Hollywood Girls Night come about?

It started with Alison Sweeney. We’re both in the business and have a lot of acquaintances in common. We’d see girls out at events and talk about plans to see each other, but never actually get together. It was ridiculous! At some point we just decided to make it a priority. We did it pot luck style at each other’s homes and it ended up being a great escape for us. Just the ability to hang out and talk face to face! During the party we’d take to Twitter and ask questions — what appetizer recipes do you recommend or gift ideas under $20. We got a lot of great responses and many women said that our parties inspired them to have girls’ nights of their own. It became more than just a get-together but really a call to action. After that everything happened so fast. I spoke to a couple people, had a conversation with TV Guide, and that was really it.

What is your favorite lesson that you have learned so far from the show?

There have been so many great tips. I got a notepad so I could write them all down! For me, Daisy Fuentes’ advice really stands out. I tend to be a hyper person and I’m always talking way too much. Daisy suggested that to be truly unforgettable you have to slow things down. It makes you appear more comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to be constantly talking. That idea of being unforgettable really stuck with me.

Do you have any tips for our readers?

Yes! We created a great how-to video for FabFitFun readers on the set of Hollywood Girls Night. Check out these cute rose-filled ice cubes.

You’ve had so many great guests. Do you have a favorite?

All of the women have been incredible. And the girls’ nights, the way they’re structured, really help us get to know each other in a much deeper way. We use icebreaker questions around the table and we all answer them. It’s not your typical interview with a host where someone’s guard might be up. Because we’re all opening up it allows viewers to really get to know the women in a different way. Sheryl Underwood was amazing and really opened up. Obviously I adore Kyle Richards. Kendra was so much fun. And Patti Stanger was a hoot. Everyone’s been great.

As a mother, wife, TV personality, and producer, how do you balance your schedule? How do you find time to relax?

That is really the question. I don’t have it figured out. Every day is a challenge and trying to find that balance is the goal. Something always gives — your husband, children, friends, you…someone is getting the short end. But every day I just try to wake up with the best intentions. And maybe it’s not perfect, but I’ll just start all over and try again tomorrow. Mothers tend to have a lot of guilt. It’s hard to shake. If you’re working you can feel like you’re setting a good example for your kids, but there’s still guilt. Or if we go out on a date, which is so important to a marriage, I still feel guilty about not being with my children. At the end of the day you just need to try your best and not let the guilt overwhelm you.

Where do you get your inspiration for the Belle Parish children’s clothing line?

A lot of it came from where I grew up. My mom dressed me in these sweet heirloom pieces and saved many of them. When I had my baby, I couldn’t find those kind of clothes. I mean there were tons of adorable, trendy pieces, but they were all so grown up. I wanted clothes that were age appropriate with a whimsical touch. They grow up so fast; I wanted her to look like a baby.

What was the best part about being Miss USA?

I’m from a small town in Louisiana and I honestly have to say that it was the pride that my town had. They were so excited. There were billboards, posters in every store, and even a giant parade. It just touched my heart and I realized that winning was so much bigger than just me.

What would your perfect date night with your hubby, Alejandro, look like?

A date that doesn’t take much! First by ourselves. He’s a director and very busy finishing up a film. A lot of times when we go out, it’s as a family because of that guilt. But a perfect date? We’d get dressed up, not just jeans and a tee. It’s nice to make an effort! Then anything — dinner and a glass of wine, plus maybe a museum or a movie or somewhere we can see a band play. Just the ability to talk and reconnect when it’s not all focused on work.

You are in amazing shape! How do you keep your body in tip-top condition?

I wouldn’t say that I am in amazing shape. I used to work out more but now I work out less and eat better — a lot cleaner and no processed foods. I try to limit my carbs. I do eat them but I also eat lots of veggies too. I have a good balance when it comes to weight. I still have 7 post-pregnancy pounds to lose, so I am trying to be healthy, but I still have dessert when I want to. When you see women who are back in a bikini two months after having a baby, it’s just not realistic. I just try to make healthy choices. And if I make an unhealthy choice one day, I’ll just try to be healthier the next. Too many women in Hollywood have issues when it comes to eating. I try to just stay balanced.

You have the most gorgeous hair. What’s your secret?

My mom is a hair stylist! But my hair is pretty easy. It has a little bit of curl so it can go straight or curly really easily. I have a few layers and I usually just wash and go.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

Concealer. I already have dark circles under my eyes and top that with having a little baby…concealer is my best friend.

Did you ever think booking a commercial for Doritos would change your life?

Yes for sure. Put me on the map in this business. It was at the beginning of my career when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. It opened so many doors.

Your film, Bella, was such a huge success. Would you ever make another one?

My husband is making a second one right now — Little Boy. It’s an incredible film. Even better than Bella which was life changing. We have incredible actors in the film. We plan to screen it at the Toronto Film Festival.

If you weren’t a famous actress/TV host what would you want to do for work?

I am obsessed with interior design. Architecture. I’ve always loved it but in the past few years as we started buying homes I have gotten into it even more.

What’s your go-to healthy snack?

I have a few. I always have a snack bar in my bag. I also carry almonds or an assortment of raw nuts and a piece of fruit. I love sweets. Oh! I have a great healthy way to satisfy my sweet tooth. I defrost sweet frozen strawberries and wild blueberries and sprinkle them with a bit of cinnamon and agave.

What is one food you wish had zero calories?

My mom’s crawfish étouffée.

Who is your celebrity crush (we won’t tell…OK we will…but tell us anyway)?

I don’t have one. It’s funny because we asked the question on the show — and I just didn’t have an answer. Look, I really value my marriage. Maybe I am more sensitive because I had a pretty horrible public breakup, but it’s made me more cautious. I just don’t let my mind go there.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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