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A Special Ask L

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By now you’ve heard the news about Giuliana. We’ve been amazed and inspired by her courage in the face of breast cancer and her drive to help other women be proactive.

This week, we’ve turned to her dear friend, Lindsay Avner to fill in for G and answer our weekly reader’s question. The incredibly smart and strong Founder and Executive Director of Bright Pink has recently joined Giuliana on E! to help spread awareness about breast cancer.

I’ve always been a fan of Giuliana and was saddened to hear of her breast cancer diagnosis. Giuliana has inspired me to do more for my breast health. What are the most important things I should know? Megan 

Dear Megan,

I think you speak on behalf of a lot of young women when you say Giuliana has inspired you to want to do more. As an organization, we’ve been touched by the number of women who have told us they have scheduled a doctor’s appointment in light of the news.

The most important thing to remember is to mind your melons, touch your tatas and treasure your chest! Spend time regularly getting to know the normal look and feel of your breasts and remember that breast cancer can present itself in a variety of ways including: lumps, pain, bloody drainage from the nipple or changes in breast contour. Some women find a monthly breast self-exam a helpful way to monitor their girls for changes.

If you notice any changes, a great way to track them is to draw a picture of your breast in a notebook and mark the approximate size and location of concern with a description and the date. Check back in a couple of weeks, and if the symptoms don’t go away, make a date with your own Dr. McDreamy. It’s probably nothing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And on that note, it’s important to have a medical provider you trust. As with dating, we don’t always meet the right match on our first try but we have the responsibility to be our own best advocate. Don’t be shy about getting a second opinion.

Want even more information? Be sure to join Giuliana as she hits the streets of LA for a series of myth-BUSTING videos meant to educate and empower. This video series is supported by Orbit Gum.

Sending brilliant, bold and bright pink love,


P.S. We at FabFitFun are dedicated to helping Bright Pink with their amazing cause. We have set up a donation page where you can help us fight against this terrible disease. And for more ways to treasure your chest check out these five key tips!

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