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7 Ways You’re Giving Yourself Wrinkles

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Sunbathing unprotected. Smoking cigarettes like Don Draper in Mad Men. Not drinking enough water. We know these activities cause wrinkles, but did you know that all that Candy Crushing and flirtexting might also be making your face crinkle?

Yes, girlfriend, it’s true. If you want your skin to stay smooth as silk — and not scrunch like a Shar Pei — we’ve got seven causes of wrinkles that you probably don’t know about.

To prevent the need for Botox later, don’t do these things:

1. Sleep on your side. The best sleeping position for keeping your face fresh is lying on your back. This way your face doesn’t crunch against the pillow.

2. Regularly purse your lips. Drinking from a straw and drinking water from water bottles every day cause your lips to purse. These and other repetitive face movements contribute to wrinkles.

3. Use your cell phone too much. As much as we love our phones, our constant downward gaze may be causing creases on our necks, and we’ve noticed lines around our eyes from squinting at the too-small text.

4. Take hot showers. Super hot showers may feel invigorating, but they dry the outer layer of your skin. Instead, stick to warm or cold showers (and invite your honey in to keep you warm).

5. Drink too much alcohol. When your body processes alcohol, it creates toxins which damage cells and inflame the skin. It’s a good idea to cease your cocktail sipping at least three hours before bed and not to lie down too soon after boozing.

6. Exercise excessively. Running keeps us fab and fit, but marathon runners and others who run a lot might be at risk of runner’s face (gaunt and wrinkled look around the mouth). Make sure you wear sun protection whenever you hit the pavement outside, and if you’re a vigorous exerciser, consider taking skin-revitalizing supplements, such as lipoic acid, ascorbic acid, and glutamine prior to exercising.

7. Eat too much sugar. Sorry, sweetie, but sweet stuff isn’t kind to your face. Excessive sugar in your bloodstream starts attacking your skin, making it go from supple to saggy.

And one more thing: Watch for that winter wind. When you step outside, be sure to protect your skin with moisturizers and products made with natural ingredients. And cover up with hats, scarves, gloves, and sunglasses.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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