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7 Ways to Be a Better Shopper

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There’s no denying it — we love to shop.

But if you’re at the mall, the combo of walking, wild perfume spritzers, club music, and tiny Barbie sizes can be a little stressful. You think that eating some Wetzel’s Pretzels will give you endurance but it just makes you feel bloated and hateful toward everything that isn’t soft fried dough.

On the other hand — if you’re shopping online, you run the risk of getting ripped off with cheap material or ordering something really unflattering. Plus you can only imagine how a crop top will look on you so many ways until you convince yourself not to buy anything at all.

Either way, shopping is messy. But fear not! We’re here to relieve you of the drama with these helpful tips.

1. Don’t overthink it. If you’re trying on an outfit and you still don’t know that you love it after wearing it a few times, you probably never will. Clothes are like romantic partners; you can’t change what they are so stop trying to fix it by compromising and waiting for it to be something it&rquo;s not.

2. Hydrate. Stores that are spread far apart can cause you to walk longer and harder to the point of delirium. The next thing you know you’ve bought Crocs. Why? Why would you do that?

3. Manage your time efficiently. There is no need to spend more than one hour at Forever 21. After the first 50 graphic tees, you should get the idea. Spread your time out evenly so you can shop at other stores to have a more diverse wardrobe.

4. Measure yourself! A good way to online shop since you can’t physically try on clothes is to know your exact measurements. Invest in a tape measure and find your waist, bust, and hip size or get someone you’re comfortable with to do the numbers.

5. Don’t shop online if you’re looking for some retail therapy. Things can get really out of control very quickly with the convenience of online purchases. Like if you moved deliberately next to a Chipotle…you know you’re gonna be eatin’ burritos on the daily. So just check yourself before you wreck yourself.

6. “It looked great on the model!” is what you’ll tell yourself after you try to pull off wearing the cutaway dress that shows more side chub than you’d prefer. Know what style looks good on you, not the model.

7. Get a personal shopper. What? You’re not shopping with a Hilton-size bank account? Then you have to check out our uh-mazing VIP box because it is all reward and less work. It’s just like having your own personal shopper pick out the absolute best products for you in beauty, fashion, and fitness — and they send it straight to your doorstep for just $49.99 a season. You’re guaranteed to get over $125 of glam goods and signing up for the yearly subscription can even save you an extra $20. OK, OK, we admit that was a shameless plug but now there’s more money for pretzels!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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