Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

Ask G: 5 Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

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Dear G,

I recently bought a fabulous dress for my boyfriend’s birthday party. But when I tried it on at home I had bra straps, bumps, and panty lines all over the place! Any suggestions? I really don’t want to return this uh-mazing dress!


Dear Kari,

Every woman has had that moment of desperation where we’ve resorted to Band-Aids, plastic wrap, or the truly terrifying duct tape to avoid the embarrassment of lines from our undergarments. But trust me, girl, at the end of the night, when you and your boo hit the sack after hitting the town, he’s not going to be happy that his birthday gift includes peeling your duct tape bra off. (And neither are you — ouch!)

And while many of our favorite celebrities have made a trend of going commando, we’ve seen how well that has worked out for them. So to avoid pulling a “Britney,” (and an “Eva” and a “Lindsay” and a “J Lo” and a “Nicki”) I have a drawer of foolproof, and more importantly, “flash-proof” undergarments! These bras, panties, and “pasties” have saved me on multiple occasions, and I’m sure they’ll come to your rescue too! Check out my list of five undergarments every woman should have in her wardrobe (and put those Band-Aids back in the cabinet!)


xx, G

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