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5 Tips to Improve Your Diet Right Now

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by the Workout Girl

Are you trying to be a “healthier you” in 2013 but don’t know where to start? Try putting these five tips into action, and your diet will be instantly healthier. Yes, it’s that easy.

1. If it says “whole wheat,” “whole grain,” or “multigrain” on the label, then it’s a-OK. Complex carbohydrates make you feel fuller faster and generally are a good source of fiber. Substitute whole-wheat pasta for regular pasta. Ditch the white bread for multigrain bread. Ask for your sushi to be rolled in brown rice instead of white rice. You get the idea.

2. Cut out the sugar. I think of sugar as empty calories. The sad thing is, there could be a significant amount of sugar in things you may not even think about— in your tomato sauce, juice, or even your salad dressing. Before you buy it, check the nutrition label for the sugar content. Compare various brands to find the one with the least amount of sugar, and, when available, opt for products with “no sugar added” written on the label.

3. Just because the label says “diet,” it doesn’t mean it’s “healthy.” Diet soda is still soda, people. It doesn’t mean soda magically becomes healthy because there is fake sugar in it. If you’re thirsty, drink water. If you want caffeine, try green tea. You likely won’t be missing the diet soda once you figure out what it is you are truly craving.

4. Ditch the frozen meals. While frozen dinners are convenient, they are usually loaded with sodium. A high amount of sodium can make your body retain water. (Read: Bloating…gross!) Whenever possible, prepare a fresh meal instead of fishing in the freezer.

5. Sneak in fruits and veggies whenever possible. Making spaghetti? Throw in some broccoli. Cooking fish? Sautee some spinach on the side. Want to spice up a boring chicken salad sandwich? Throw some grapes in there. The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination.

For healthy recipe ideas, follow my Pinterest boards at pinterest.com/theworkoutgirl. For workouts you can do anywhere, check out theworkoutgirl.com.

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