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5 Signs It Is Time to Lose Weight

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by Christine Lusita

There comes a time when your pants feel a little tighter and you can’t seem to feel good in anything you wear. Did you pack on a few pounds but are scared to look at the cold, hard truth? Here are some signs when you know it’s time to lose weight.

1. You’re Asked: “Are you pregnant?”
Yes, people actually do this! It also might be time to consider weight loss when comments from strangers or loved ones all seem to have a common thread.

2. You Start To Make Excuses for Your Appearance
You’ll go to any lengths to make an excuse for why you look the way you do. Face it, if you have to explain, you need to start reducing your calories.

3. Getting Dressed Takes Longer Than You Think
Trying to find an outfit that camouflages the extra weight can be exhausting, especially when bigger clothes aren’t in your budget.

4. Your Mood Is Down and Your Quality of Life Is Decreasing
Research shows 67% of women think about their body image at least six times a day. So shedding those pounds may make the clouds roll away.

5. You Schedule All Social Outings Around Food
When and what you eat is more important than the company you keep. If you need a bagel to entice you to hang out, it’s time you thought about what role food plays in your life. Schedule active outings with friends.

Get moving: Even 5 minutes a day is progress.

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