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Burger or Bust

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We love to hate them. They’re oh-so-good yet oh-so-bad. We literally crave them late-night and daydream about when we will get to devour another. And no, surprisingly we’re not talking about the occasional summer fling with the hot new bad boy lifeguard (although that could nicely fall into this category as well). Rather, we’re talking about burgers, baby!

But wait, because there is good news. Just because you crave a bountiful burger about as much as you crave, well, air, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your waistline, too (it is bikini season, after all).

So, being that we here at FFF take our summertime BBQ’s seriously, we’ve rounded up five of the most amazingly healthy burger recipes known to womankind. And hey — we think your man will like ‘em too.


xx, The FabFitFun Team

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