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Curly Hair Coming Soon to an Animated Movie Near You

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Disney princesses are notorious for having some of the best hair to ever grace the big screen. From Ariel to Pocahontas, Belle to Aurora, those girls gave us some really unrealistic expectations about hairdo perfection.

But did you ever notice that none of them had bouncy, curly hair? That’s because, until now, a 3-D strand of curly hair has never existed.

Sure Brave’s Merida had unruly red locks, but those were made with “computer-generated coils wrapped around digital cylinders of varying lengths.” Not exactly the effortless, real look animators were going for.

Recently, researchers from France and MIT set about creating the most realistic strand of unreal hair the animated world has ever seen. They organized their data into two categories: curvature (the ratio of curvature to length) and weight (the ratio of weight and stiffness). Once they nailed down an algorithm, they used the info to predict hair’s length, weight, stiffness, and curvature.

“Our work doesn’t deal with the collisions of all the hairs on a head, which is a very important effect for animators to control a hairstyle,” researcher Pedro Reis said. “But it characterizes all the different degrees of curliness of a hair and describes mathematically how the properties of the curl change along the arc length of a hair.”

The information they discovered can be used to better understand the stability and behavior of steal pipes, tubes, and cables. But we’re still most excited to see what hairstyle the next animated heroine will be rocking.

Check out the video below more deets!

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