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10 Ways to Cut 100 Cals

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The road to a better body isn’t starvation or hours at the gym: Instead, it’s all about making small changes that lead to big results. A University of Colorado-Denver study found those who increased their steps to 2,000 per day and cut 100 calories were more likely to lose weight than those who did not.

Sure, you’ve got those 2,000 steps covered (tip: make it easy with a pedometer!) but how do you cut 100 calories? Check out our 10 suggestions:

1. Swap cheese on your lunchtime sandwich for lettuce and tomato — you’ll save 100 calories and munch on some veggies in the process.

2. Use skim or 1% milk in your morning cereal and/or coffee order.

3. Eat half your morning bagel instead of a whole. Eat it for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack.

4. Skip the croutons on your salad. Double-bonus points if you swap your regular salad dressing for reduced-calorie or ix-nay on the eese-chay.

5. Use healthy baking substitutions the next time you whip up a cake or batch of brownies. Try replacing half the recipe’s butter with applesauce or mashed bananas.

6. Nix the fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks (sorry, daiquiri lovers) in favor of diet tonic water, soda, or ginger ale.

7. Skip the corner piece of cake and go for one in the middle, where there’s less icing. (Or skip the cake altogether and opt for fat-free frozen yogurt.)

8. Switch your bowl of mixed nuts for two handfuls of pistachios. Shelling them takes longer to eat, plus a Cornell University study found the larger the serving bowl, the more likely you are to keep eating.

9. Opt for thin-crust pizza instead of the thick-crust kind.

10. Leave three to four bites of your dinner on your plate — they’ll likely add up to 100 calories.

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