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Burn 100 Calories Right Now

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by The Workout Girl

Getting tired of your usual workout routine? Don’t sweat it. (Pun intended.) Next time you have a free moment, try one of these activities and burn a quick 100 calories. (Source: Best Health Magazine.)

  1. Take a stroll for 36 minutes. If you’re feeling really ambitious, hold 2-pound weights while you walk for an added muscle-toning boost.
  2. Push a stroller for 30 minutes. Look at this way: It’s an added incentive to babysit your niece and nephew.
  3. Climb stairs for 14 minutes. I recommend blasting the theme from Rocky on your iPod for some motivation.
  4. Wallpaper or paint a wall for 44 minutes. This is a great excuse if you’ve been meaning to redecorate.
  5. Iron clothes for 39 minutes. Perhaps this is one you should pass onto your husband/boyfriend/significant other…it’s about time he ironed his own shirts.
  6. Clean your house for 35 minutes. Your mom would be thrilled!
  7. Wash your car for 20 minutes until it’s squeaky clean. Now, if only you could restore that new car smell…
  8. Shovel snow for 15 minutes. And then reward yourself by building your own snow fortress.
  9. Laugh! If something is that hilarious to have you giggling for 38 minutes.
  10. Blast your favorite tunes and dance around for 14 minutes like you’re in your own music video.

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