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  • Long and Lithe

    Lithe Method Comes to NYC


    When it comes to fitness, New Yorkers are continually in search of something harder, more efficient, and well, something that will effectively hold our attention — a difficult task in this town. So when we heard that Philadelphia-based workout The Lithe Method was opening up in the city, we were pumped. Why? Because running on the treadmill is getting old, people. And with summer a-coming, we wanted a body-changing endurance workout that is actually fun as well.

    Step inside the Lithe Method and be prepared for a figure-forming workout that will change your body in no time — this class blends body-sculpting cardiovascular exercises with aerobic and strength training moves that you’re unlikely to see elsewhere. Cheerleading moves blended with innovative props (think resistance bands and much, much more) and special equipment make for a constantly changing session that will tone every muscle from head to toe — and in record time, at that.

    After all, it’s called the Lithe Look for a reason.

    xx, The FabFitFun NY Team

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    Posted on March 30, 2013 in New York


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