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  • Lean Green Cocktails

    Indulge in flavor this St. Patrick’s Day


    The Irish Forest
    135 calories

    Courtesy of Mercy

    You won’t get lost in this Irish Forest thanks to the inclusion of the Mercy hangover cure in the recipe! Enjoy it tonight — you’ll thank us tomorrow.

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    Botanical Gin Martini
    145 calories

    Courtesy of Mark Aquilino, bar manager of Davio’s Philadelphia

    Talk about a refreshing drink! Adding a cucumber makes everything taste that much more refreshing. We love this healthy, girly take on a traditional martini.

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    Green Leprechaun
    150 calories

    Courtesy of Alkaline Sisters

    Start your St. Patty’s Day off right with this healthy juice packed full of super greens. All the nutrients give an instant energy boost to help you keep up with all your holiday festivities!

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    Grape Mojito
    140 calories

    Courtesy of Devin Alexander

    The perfect balance of sweet and minty! A delish twist on the original mojito — we love it!

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    A Sao Patty’s Day Sour
    147 calories

    Courtesy of Leblon Cachaça

    Give your St. Patty’s Day a Brazilian twist with this delicious sour from Leblon! All the leprechauns are sure to say olé!

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    Minty Man
    108 calories

    Courtesy of Russian Standard Vodka and the Nightclub & Bar Media Group

    A cocktail that’s also a breath freshener? A single lady’s dream!

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    Leprechaun’s Kiss
    131 calories

    Courtesy of Alex from No. 209 Gin

    St. Patrick’s Day may not be Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t kisses. Plus, this gin-based cocktail is light enough to be considered an air kiss!

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    Paddy’s Girl
    149 calories

    Courtesy of Lucky Strike Lanes NYC

    You can indulge without the bulge when you drink this delish cocktail, and with its delightful combination of fizz and finesse it is a sure crowd pleaser!

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    Irish Vacation Martini
    145 calories

    Courtesy of W Hotel Austin

    Apple juice and whiskey in a cocktail? Sounds just crazy enough to work — and trust us, it definitely does in this yummy martini!

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    Pot o’ Gold
    120 calories

    Courtesy of Skinny Socials

    What better to drink on an Irish holiday than a whiskey drink?! Try this lo-cal spruce on the everyday spirit.

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    Posted on March 13, 2012


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