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    The quarterback who gives back

    "Act Of Valor" Los Angeles Premiere

    Whether you’re crazy about him, or think that he’s crazy, you’ve got to admit: Tim Tebow is one passionate football player. And who doesn’t love a man of passion?

    From his plays on the field to his charity work off the field, number 15 has made an impression from the get-go. The former University of Florida Gator was originally drafted to the Broncos, and later traded to the Jets, and is known for inspiring not only his teammates, but his fans as well!

    Yep, his famous pose of genuflecting quickly replaced “planking” as the nation’s favorite photo op. Even babies and toddlers have gotten in on the “Tebowing” action! Check out and rank the most creative fan pictures here!

    But what really makes Tebow a hottie isn’t his body (although, those bulging biceps, 8-pack of abs, and tight football pants are a plus)…it’s his focus on giving back.

    The footballer’s philanthropic efforts go all the way back to his college days when he created First and 15. This organization is only one of Tebow’s efforts to benefit children in the Philippines, where he was born. The Tim Tebow Foundation was created in 2010 and has started construction on the Cure Hospital in Mindanao, which will focus on orthopedics for children. Let’s say it all together: “Awwww.”

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    Posted on November 7, 2012 in Wellness


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