How to Speed Up Your Metabolism
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    Get your calorie-burning engine revved up


    When it comes to the mythical “M” factor otherwise known as metabolism, maybe you’re born with it. You can stomach as much food as Adam Richman, the food challenge-lovin’ host of Man v. Food, but have the abs of Jillian Michaels (hello all six of you). Yet, for those of us who didn’t win the genetic lottery of lightning fast metabolisms, don’t fret. We spoke to Lisa De Fazio, celebrity nutrition expert and registered dietitian, to get the skinny on metabolism boosting secrets.

    20130715_metabolism_greentea_thumbGo green: Brimming with caffeine and antioxidants, green tea boosts metabolism and has weight loss benefits. “If you take a look at the ingredients found in many weight loss products, many contain green tea as an active ingredient,” Lisa said.

    20130715_metabolism_brocolli_thumbEat your broccoli: A single serving of broccoli provides antioxidants along with folate and fiber to get your metabolism moving. Broccoli is also rich in calcium, which has its own weight loss benefits. As a bonus, broccoli is low in calories, so indulge in as much as you want!

    20130715_metabolism_egg_thumbPower up with protein: Replace carbs with lean, protein-rich foods to boost your metabolism at mealtime as the body burns more calories digesting protein. Healthy sources of protein include lean beef, turkey, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, and low-fat dairy products.

    20130715_metabolism_muscle_thumbMuscle up: Even when you’re having one of those lazy Saturdays watching a marathon of Kardashians, your body is still burning calories. “The resting metabolic rate is higher in people with more muscle. Every pound of muscle uses about six calories a day just to sustain itself, while each pound of fat burns only two calories daily,” Lisa said, meaning that muscle burns calories three times faster.

    20130715_metabolism_spice_thumbLoad up on the Spices: Spicy foods contain chemical compounds that kick metabolism into a high gear. Try flavoring your fave pasta dishes or soups by sprinkling red pepper flakes on top.

    20130715_metabolism_snacks_thumbEat Often: Snacking may get a bad rap, but having a small meal or snack every 3-4 hours keeps your metabolism going so you burn more calories over the course of a day. Also, snacking regularly may mean you eat less at mealtime.

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    Posted on July 18, 2013 in Get Today's, Health

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