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  • A Fab Fiesta

    Healthy takes on traditional Mexican recipes


    Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa with Black Beans

    Vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free, this über-healthy dish is totally delicious. We love the high protein content from the quinoa and black bean mix. And the slow cooker makes the recipe a snap.

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    Blackened Fish Tacos

    Unplug the deep fryer and sauté your fresh fish in a little healthy coconut oil. Garnish with a little sweet and spicy mango salsa.

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    Mercy Diablo

    Help prevent a deadly day after headache by mixing your tequila with hangover helper Mercy. Their seasoned mixologist uses orange and cinnamon to chase the shot instead of lemon and salt! Best of all, three lucky readers will get a four-pack! Tweet @FabFitFun and @DrinkMercy why you deserve to win!

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    Healthy Empanadas

    These savory pockets of dough are often deep fried and stuffed with high-cal fillings. Check out these lean, mean, baked, turkey-filled versions.

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    Cinco de Mayo Low-Cal Latin Lover

    With friends like Pitbull, Voli Vodka certainly knows how to get down on Cinco de Mayo! Check out their low-cal Latin-inspired treat.

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    Simply Fresh Organic Guacamole

    Avocados star in this gluten and dairy-free spicy dip. Full of healthy fats and tons of flavor, make sure to have extra on hand!

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    Pork Carnitas

    Carnitas are often cooked in lard, but this slimmed-down version uses a combination of beer and OJ for added flavor with far less fat.

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    Partida Margarita

    Step away from the sugar-filled tequila mix! Mixologist Anthony Dias Blue serves up a lower calorie, super fresh marg using all-natural tequila and organic agave nectar. Oh, and did we mention that Oprah is a fan?

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    Avocado Salsa Fresca

    This heart-healthy side is the perfect accompaniment to any Mexican dish or just as a dollop on a baked tortilla chip.

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    Casa Vega Restaurant Meatless Mexican Spinach Enchiladas

    Recently remodeled by Bravo’s Jeff Lewis, our fave San Fernando Valley hot spot Casa Vega goes veggie crazy in their enchiladas.

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    The Ritual-Rita

    Think of this as a spiked juice cleanse. Our friends at Ritual Cleanse have created their unique version of a spicy margarita using their organic, cold-pressed juice.

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    Tacos de Jicama

    Go low carb and cut unwanted calories with these tacos that replace tortillas with jicama. Love that added crunch!

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    Dannon Oikos Greek Style Nachos

    Look out Taco Bell, because these tasty nachos pack all of the flavor with a fraction of the fat! We love this healthy Middle Eastern take on a traditional Mexican dish.

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    Posted on May 3, 2012


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