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  • Tea Time Benefits

    The Skinny Confidential: Discover what benefits these lovely leaves hold

    The health benefits of tea

    by Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

    Hi, ladies! It’s me, Lauryn, from The Skinny Confidential again! My nightly cup of tea is something I totally look forward to after a day full of errands, work, and fitness. Tea’s such an amazing alternative to coffee and usually brews up plenty of benefits. My obsession? Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf. Any other suggestions are welcome!

    Black Tea: Known to provide slimming effects. Prevents body from absorbing fat from food. Drink it plain with no milk to gain the benefits.

    Chamomile Tea: This acts as an antihistamine and calms allergies.

    Green Tea: May help protect against skin cancer. Contains plenty of antioxidants, too.

    Peppermint Tea: Pumps up workouts. This also works for upset stomachs.

    Rooibos Tea: Lowers cholesterol.

    Sleepytime Tea (option: with or without throat tamer): Helps soothe the body and promotes relaxation.

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    Posted on July 23, 2013 in Health


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