Guys’ Holiday Gift Guide

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Whether he’s your hubby, bf, or new flame, something for the man in your life!



Weekend Away
Spice up your marriage with a weekend vaycay. It doesn’t have to be far – it can even be in town but just get to that hotel room. We promise he’ll love it and you won’t regret it! Check out sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Orbitz for rates. We suggest calling the hotel as well to get the best deal!

Monogrammed Grill Set with Tool Case
Is your man a grill master? Give him the ultimate monogrammed grill set. Now when his friends come over, they’ll know who runs the show!
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Stock Car Ride Along
Does your man have a need for speed? These stock car ride alongs are the ultimate dream come true for all kinds of car nuts. Professional drivers will take your guy on a very real race track (locations available throughout the country).
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Obey ‘Rapture’ Trim Fit Layered Faux Leather Jacket
Wish your guy was a little more stylish? Well the holidays are your perfect chance to be his undercover stylist! Deck him out in this faux leather jacket and prepare to swoon.
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Craft Beer Club
Does your guy fancy himself a beer snob? Help your bf discover a new fave draft! Each month he’ll get a great selection from small-production, independent brewers delivered straight to his doorstep.
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This über-fashionable timepiece features the classic functions like time, date, light, alarm, stopwatch, and more. More? Yep, this little guy also features a contactless credit card payment chip and medical response VITAnumber. Pretty sweet. Even sweeter: get 30% off when you use the code FabFitFun.
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The New Guy

Couple’s Massage
Celebrate your honeymoon stage with something that’s both sexy and relaxing! Not to mention, you get to spend time together…and it’s kind of a gift for you too! Pick up a fab gift card at Spafinder.
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iPhone Case Bottle Opener
Convenient and cool, this multi-tasking case and bottle opener will please tech geeks and beer drinkers alike!
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Posted on December 15, 2011

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