Get a Tight Tummy with the Diet UFC Fighters Eat
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  • Fit Tip Friday: Five Foods to Tighten Your Tummy

    The UFC fighter diet!

    FFF- FTF-UFC Diet

    While everyone else was laughing when Melissa McCarthy suggested a “Female Fight Club” Bachelorette Party in Bridesmaids, we were actually inspired! (Because, hello! Have you seen those UFC guys’ bodies?!)

    Clearly mixed martial arts does a body good. But it’s not the only thing that fighters do to keep their bods in peak condition. Mike Dolce is the co-creator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s new at-home fitness and nutrition program, UFCFIT! We chatted with Mike to get the lowdown on the foods to munch for a tight and taut tummy!

    He said that no matter our health and fitness goals, the best types of foods are the ones that pack the most power per calorie (especially during bikini season), such as:

    • Asparagus (When the voice in your head is screaming for salty and crunchy, a few Coconut Grilled Asparagus stalks sprinkled in Himalayan sea salt will do the trick!)
    • Salmon
    • Quinoa
    • Blueberries (When you’re craving something sweet, drop that chocolate and reach for these blue bad boys)
    • Almonds

    To look and feel our absolute best, we must remember to keep our metabolism high, our blood sugar stable and our meal choices plentiful. By eating two or three handful sized portions of the above nutrients (or similar) every couple hours we replace empty calories with the most power packed calories on the planet!

    Eating small meals every two to three hours is much better than eating once or twice per day (when you might end up gorging yourself). Not eating at all is even worse!

    With these tricks and more from UFCFIT, not only will you look better — you’ll be filled with energy and excited for your next meal!”

    xx, The FabFitFun Team

    Posted on July 19, 2013 in Fitness


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