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  • FFF Team

    If you’re wondering how Giuliana has time to get all the FFF research and writing done, we’ll let you in on a secret: she has a little help. Take a look at our team’s page and find out who else works behind the scenes to bring you the latest in health, fitness, fashion, wellness and beauty — only the best for the best!

    Giuliana Rancic, Co-founder and Publisher

    Daniel Broukhim, Co-founder and CEO

    Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

    Franke Santos, Production and Operations Manager

    Kim Sattinger, Director of Sales

    Tasha Ball, Editorial Coordinator

    Vanessa Morales, Customer Service Representative and Account Manager

    Keshvar Alikhani, Editorial and Marketing Assistant and Account Manager

    Judy Wang, Production and Editorial Assistant

    Jill Morehouse, Customer Service Representative and Executive Assistant to the CEO

    Jordan Baer, Copy Editor

    Jen Arbues, Writer

    Rachel Nall, Writer

    Jill Salama, Writer

    Jamie Gaul, Writer

    Julia Musker, Writer

    Michelle Yoon, Writer

    Molliee Marechal, Writer

    Christine Fallabel, Writer

    Jenn Rice, Writer

    Stacie Corliss, Writer

    Abby Stern, Writer

    Lindsay Oberst, Writer

    Kelly Day, Writer

    Nicole Shoohed, Writer

    Cathrine Schermann, Editorial and Marketing Intern

    Elizabeth Barber, Editorial and Marketing Intern

    Brigitte Najarian, Editorial and Marketing Intern

    Michael Broukhim, Business Development

    Adam Katz, Business Development

    Sam Teller, Business Development

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