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    What to Wear When You’re Expecting


    The do’s and don’ts of being a hot mama (or daddy!)
    Dedicated Post – FFF Friends

    Now we definitely don’t condone criticizing a woman’s fashion choices while she’s expecting. But let’s just say that we agree with Robin Williams’ recent tweet regarding the fashion at the Met Gala. (Sorry Kim!) I think I wore it better! … Continue reading

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    To Work or Not to Work: That Is the Question!


    Moms have a full-time job no matter what!

    All new moms feel that initial guilt when they try to decide when or whether or not to go back to work. We know you feel guilty about leaving your little one (and can barely imagine a nanny getting to … Continue reading

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    How to Stay Connected with Your Girlfriends After Baby


    Because when you’re buried in diapers and bottles, nothing feels better than a happy hour with your pals!

    Let’s face it, ladies. It’s been a little too long since late-night gallivants to the bar, gossip sessions, and seconds on margaritas, and we all know how great it feels so be surrounded by our besties during times of high … Continue reading

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    Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Look for Spring


    From sassy to sexy, these easy ‘do-it yourself’ hot mama ideas will have you hopping into spring in no time!

    Everyone wants to look sexy for spring, but not everybody has lots of cash to do it. Let’s face it, ladies — new shoes, a new wardrobe, AND a new bikini aren’t exactly cheap. On top of it all, you’ve … Continue reading

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    Tips for an Easier Beach Day


    Keep calm and cool while enjoying the sun

    Whether we’re bikini ready or not, breast-feeding or not, teething or not, all hot mamas love a good day at the beach. The sun, the waves, the delicious ocean breeze…it’s almost too tempting to even think about! Here are a … Continue reading

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    Raising Well-Rounded Sons


    Because fabulous mothers need to know how to bring up respectful, gracious boys, too!

    It seems as though culture today only accepts men who are athletic, strong, and brave. We want all of those things for our boys. At the end of the day, we want our tiny, fragile, darling little baby boys to … Continue reading

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    Best Gadgets for Pregnancy


    The hot mama in all of us needs toys, too!

    Expectant moms aren’t exactly known for their geekiness, but it doesn’t mean that these super-fun high-tech gadgets aren’t appealing, addicting, and totally lovable. Get your geek on with these rad doodads today (just make sure you’re preggers first!). Bellybuds: This … Continue reading

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    Best Phone Apps for Child Care


    Lending a virtual hand

    Long gone are the days of baby manuals, home remedies, and drowning yourself in aged reading material and advice for everything baby. These totally awesome phone apps help keep your little bundle of joy on schedule, and help you keep … Continue reading

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    Jessica Alba Gets Honest

    The Honest Company and The Moms Celebrate The Launch Of Jessica Alba's New Book The Honest Life At The Mondrian LA

    The mommy mogul talks babies, books, beauty

    She’s best known for kicking ass in movies like Sin City and Fantastic Four. But nowadays Jessica Alba is a part of her own Fantastic Four with hubby Cash Warren and daughters Honor and Haven, and the only ass she … Continue reading

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    Paleta’s Pregnancy Package

    FFF- MilFFF- Paleta Pregnancy

    Get fuel when you’re eating for two
    Dedicated Post – FFF Friends

    When you get pregnant, a billion questions start to run through your head: is it a boy or a girl? If it’s a girl, what should I name her? What school should she go to? What do I say when … Continue reading

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    Cabin Fever Remedies


    These last weeks of winter can be super tough on kids, but we'll help you make it feel more like spring in no time!

    Do the cold winter temps have your lovies all bundled up for school, day in and day out? Do they come home freezing to a hot cup of cocoa, and beg for summer? Are you sick of movie nights and … Continue reading

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    How to Raise (Body) Confident Girls


    Healthy outlook, healthy eating

    Perfection is everywhere: on TV, on the radio, on the Internet. Creams and diets and magic drinks promise a world of things, and most importantly, they promise the perfect body. It’s agonizing enough to be bombarded with this as an … Continue reading

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    Preparing for Another Baby


    Get ready for double trouble!

    Babies. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and oh, they grow up so fast! Long gone are the memories of sleepless nights and sore nipples, and now you’re simply overcome with nostalgia for a soft, squishy baby because your little miss (or … Continue reading

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    Going Back to Work Post Baby


    There's a world outside of midnight feedings?

    After a blissful (if sleepless) first few months with your baby, things seem picture perfect: Your new family is pretty much inseparable, and the in-laws have finally packed it up and gone home. The old routine of a 6 a.m. … Continue reading

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    Best Breast Pumps


    Puttin’ sexy back in the squeeze

    Fabulous moms are always on the go. Running from work to meetings to soccer club practice, and maybe (eventually) to happy hour with the girlfriends, busy moms don’t always have time to sit at home and feed the baby. Breast … Continue reading

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    Top 5 ‘Push’ Gifts for New Moms


    Because nothing is sweeter than mama coming home to some treats

    The past 40 weeks have been nothing but “preparation” mode, and now that the little one is here, it will forever more be “mommy” mode. So how do you show your love and affection for the new mama (who has … Continue reading

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    Sing it from the Tree Top!

    Tree Top 100- Juice Reduced Sugar Apple (2)

    Reduced sugar fruit juice
    Dedicated Post – FFF Friends

    If you’re a believer in the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” then you’ll be happy to know that the juice from your fave fruit has been made into a healthier drink with less sugar…finally! Say … Continue reading

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    How to Raise a Grateful Child


    When ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ don’t come readily to their lips, here's how you can create a more appreciative tot

    Ladies, we know that raising a child in the era of greed and the culture of “more is better” is hard enough, but their selfish ways as children can turn into something nasty as adults! Here’s how to take a … Continue reading

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    Overcome the ‘Sunday Night Blues’


    Turn the end of the weekend back into your ‘funday’

    Working moms do it all: Kick butt during the day, manage a household of stress, timetables, and dirty laundry, please the hubby, and bring home a buck to support a fabulous lifestyle. It’s hard, and it’s especially hard on Sunday … Continue reading

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    5 Fabulously Fit Foods for Kids and Moms


    Sneaky snacks to get your kiddies loving veggies

    When Go-Gurts and snack-sized juices aren’t exactly packin’ the punch, here are some ideas to get your health on, with your kids cheering along the way! They’re simple, quick, and fabulously delicious. 1. Baked Sweet Potato Fries Sprinkled with Cinnamon: … Continue reading

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    Prioritize Your Life for 2013


    A New Year’s resolution to spoil your man

    In between all of the hullabaloo of a new baby, new mommy mode, and new responsibilities, oftentimes your hubby/significant other and yourself fall to the wayside. Now is the time to realign your priorities and get your new year back … Continue reading

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    Picky Eater Tips


    How to cope when your little one gets fussy with food

    Contemporary Pediatrics reported that up to 30% of parents describe their children as having some sort of problem with eating. First, they will only eat white foods; then they won’t try vegetables. My baby girl wouldn’t eat pasta for at … Continue reading

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    Novel Ideas for a Holiday ‘Staycation’


    All the fun at a fraction of the price

    Wallets are tight, time is short, and…the kids are home from school for two weeks. While a quick trip to Fiji would fit into your ideal world quite nicely, we know that’s not exactly economical (or realistic!). Here are some … Continue reading

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    Top Picks for Strollers


    Cruisin’ with your tot has never been more stylish

    You spend hours researching the different options. You take them out for test drives. You read countless reviews on safety, handling, and ease. You weigh the pros and cons. And of course, at the end of the day, you want … Continue reading

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    Best Gifts for Mom


    When lotions and potions are totally out, here’s what real moms crave this holiday season!

    Moms give and give and give, and usually ask for nothing in return. Moms deserve to know how they’re loved and appreciated every day of the year but most of all during the holiday season. Show the mama in your … Continue reading

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    One Meal the Whole Family Will Love


    Try these delights, instead of cooking three separate meals!

    Mom is a vegetarian, dad eats paleo, and the kids only eat foods with either SpongeBob SquarePants on the label, or cookies laced with pure sugar. Dinnertime is a disaster, and it seems like no one is ever happy (not … Continue reading

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    Best Diapers


    Hey ladies, we know that there are about a billion different kinds of diapers out there…swimmies, huggable, washable, glow-in-the-dark (really?!), and it’s confusing to find the type that fits your baby and works for you (and your budget!). Here are … Continue reading

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    How to Survive the Holidays with Your Little One


    Tips for a healthy holiday season

    The holidays are right around the corner, and with that come fun, food, and lots of stress. Here are some of our tips to keep you happy, healthy, and sane throughout this all too stressful holiday season! Make use of … Continue reading

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    Learning to Love Your (Pregnant) Body


    The truth about weight gain and pregnancy

    Women feel it all the time: the pressure to lose weight, exercise, and balance career and family — while still looking fab. Once you get pregnant, your whole world changes — things come into sharper perspective, your future lights up, … Continue reading

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    Protect Your Lovelies From Winter Bugs


    When the temperature drops, here's how to keep your kiddies well!

    Theyyyyy’reeeee back! No not the poltergeists…we’re talking about something much more scary and sinister! It’s the sniffles, the sneezes, the wheezes, the fevers, the coughing, the aches and the pains…yes, cold and flu season has arrived attacking moms and kids … Continue reading

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    Foods to Avoid When Pregnant


    From non-alcoholic wine to decaffeinated coffee, alternatives for moms-to-be abound

    We know, ladies: Nine months without happy hour or mid-morning lattes is tough, and it seems as though there is ever-conflicting advice out there about what to eat and what to avoid. We’ve compiled a simple go-to list for all … Continue reading

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    Must-Have Items for New Moms


    How to go from hospital new mommy mode to super mom in seconds flat

    After the early bliss of welcoming baby into your arms, you’re surrounded by balloons, celebratory cake, and most of all, lots of help in the hospital. It’s lovely, it’s wonderful, it’s…temporary. Coming home and trying to fill a once “adult-only” … Continue reading

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    Photo: Giuliana & Bill’s Baby Boy Edward Duke Rancic Takes A Bath

    edward duke rancic new twitter photo bathtime

    See the newest photo of the happy couple's bundle of joy!

    “Bath time is finally over&hellp;take a look at who’s ready for some football!!” proud papa Bill Rancic tweeted on Sunday. Giuliana and Bill finally welcomed their first child via a gestational surrogate on Aug. 29, and it seems the happy … Continue reading

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    Post-Partum Beauty Tips


    Get pretty post baby

    Do you feel like the old ponytail and sweatpants outfit is getting old? In between midnight feedings and spit up, beauty might be the last thing on your mind, but these quick tips and tricks will help you feel like … Continue reading

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    Stay Connected


    How to be social while pregnant (and giving up alcohol)

    Are you dreading the moment that you have to kiss your dinner wine goodbye? Do you find yourself lonely at the thought of nights without happy hour with the girls, Cosmopolitan-fueled gossip sessions, and extra happy brunch dates? Well, fear … Continue reading

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    A Quickie for Your Skin


    Are you tired of shaking what your baby gave you?

    So, it is the morning after, and you’re feeling crappy. We’re not talking a one-night stand, we’re talking giving birth. You are delighted over your new addition, but depressed that every adjective used to describe him — soft, bouncy, and … Continue reading

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    Breast Friends Forever


    What you need to know about breast-feeding versus the alternative

    What’s soft, supple and a newborn’s best friend? The mountainous terrain even a baby can climb? It’s the breast friend, of course. The boob. The orb. The ta-ta. Those ‘oh my is my husband ever going to fondle them the … Continue reading

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    Mood Boosters for New Moms


    Can’t get out of that midday funk? We’ve got just the trick!

    Ladies, we know, it seems like everywhere you turn you’re being pulled in a million different directions! From Mommy & Me yoga, to lunch with the girls, running errands, and pleasing the Mr., sometimes life runs too fast and gets … Continue reading

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    A-list Kiddos


    The smallest stars

    Forget Birkin bags, oversized sunglasses, and mini-pint-size-teacup chihuahuas. In celeb-land you aren’t fashionable unless you have the latest must-have accessory…a baby! With Twitter accounts before they can crawl, fashion lines in their honor (no pun intended), and private helicopters at … Continue reading

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    7 Hotspots to Spend Your Babymoon


    Do it up right before the little one is born

    Preggo and in need of a vay-k? You’re in luck. Babymoons are all the rage right now, so get to booking your fabulous trip right away. And in the case you’re clueless as to what a Babymoon is, it’s the … Continue reading

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    Don’t Forget Dad


    Easy date night ideas and tips for new parents

    Ladies, we know. In between breast pumping timetables, midnight “coo” sessions, and reruns of Sesame Street, romance may be the last thing on your to-do list these days. But forgetting your mister amongst the rigmarole of new parenthood duties is … Continue reading

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    Get Your Body Back After Baby


    Quick, easy workouts for new moms

      OK, we know you’ve heard it all: the grapefruit diet, juice cleanse, eating only lettuce (that was so 10th grade), but losing baby weight a hot minute after saying your first hellos to your brand-new bundle of joy isn’t … Continue reading

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    Baby Registry Know-How


    When to spend and when to splurge on baby products

    None of us can provide our baby with Blue Ivy’s jet-setting lifestyle. (In all fairness, her parents Beyonce and Jay-Z are Forbes‘ highest paid couple in the world, earning $78 million in 2011 alone!) Maybe your babe won’t have a … Continue reading

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    Out of the Box Giving

    The Best Sample Boxes for New Moms

    The best sample boxes for mom and baby

    Admit it, you tear up every time you see that P&G commercial. Between nursing booboos and banishing monsters that live under beds, being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Especially if you’re a new mama. With hourly … Continue reading

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    The Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names as of 2012: From Apple to Zappa

    paris michael prince jackson

    If you thought Blue Ivy Carter was a strange name, wait until you see the rest of the names on this list...

    With the awesome news that Giuliana and Bill welcomed their baby boy Edward Duke Rancic into the world recently, we have babies on the brain. “The Duke’s” relatively normal name got us thinking about all the bizarre baby names stars … Continue reading

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    Giuliana & Bill Plus One! Meet Edward Duke Rancic

    giuliana and bill rancic kissing do something awards 2012

    After months of waiting, Giuliana and Bill finally welcomed their baby boy

    At 10:12 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 29, Giuliana and Bill Rancic finally welcomed their first child into the world! The proud dad shared the news, of course, on Twitter. “The ‘Duke’ has landed! Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the … Continue reading

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    Do You Wanna Be A MILFFF?


    Our guide to being a modern, sexy, fabulous mom

    It’s the craziest, most exciting, exhilarating, nerve-racking, nail-biting, heart-pounding, joyous, surreal, emotional roller coaster of a day! No we’re not talking about watching the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Miami (although admittedly those ladies look freaking craaaay!)… We’re … Continue reading

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