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    Exercises for those commercial breaks


    Whether or not you like to get your sweat on first thing in the a.m. or last thing in the p.m., the lure of sipping coffee with Kathie Lee or eating dinner with the Real Housewives can sometimes be greater than the pull of the gym. Relax, cuz we’ve got a get fit routine that you can do in the comfort of your own home and make you feel better about your guilty obsession with The Bachelorette (Des, what were you thinking?)!

    So put on your comfy clothes and grab a water bottle cuz this quick, no equipment necessary, cardio plus strength routine will leave you huffin’ and puffin’ into the next commercial break.

    Assuming commercials are 2 minutes, do these exercises one right after another, as quick as you can for 20 seconds each. And we know there are multiple ad breaks, so why not do ‘em all throughout the whole episode? (You can thank us later).

    Option 1: Ab-tastic
    Bicycle crunches: Core tight, don’t pull on head
    Jumping jacks: Core tight
    Straight Leg Sit Up: Shoulder blades should go all the way back to the floor, legs stay extended straight out front, arms straight in the air
    (do two sets)

    Option 2: Leg Love
    Air squats: Squat down below parallel, power back up
    Alternating jumping lunges: core tight, knee over ankle
    Ice Skaters
    Wall Sit- hold against a wall like you’re sitting in a chair and feel the burn
    (do two sets)

    Option 3: Arm Envy
    Push ups (modification: go down to knees)
    Air punch: legs bent slightly, punch air right, left, core tight
    Straight arm plank: Core tight, keep your back straight (butt out of the air), head in line with neck.

    Commercial breaks not enough? Then try this other version of our TV workout!

    xx, The FabFitFun Team

    Posted on September 6, 2013 in 5 Fave Stories, Fitness, Get Today's


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