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  • Wellness

    3 Reasons Why Backtracking is a Good Thing

    Hey you, always on the run, gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun!


    Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz Talks Fitness, Motivation, and Kicking Ass

    Our interview with the hilarious star


    This Impatient Pup Will Make You Feel Better About Your Road Rage

    He's got places to go and people to sniff

    FFF- Annoyed Dog Pic

    Is This the Best Thing You Have Ever Seen?

    The cutest videos of all time. Period.


    15 Ways to Be Happy in 15 Minutes or Less

    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth


    The Mindful Munch: Eat Yourself Beautiful

    Snacks that will keep you full and satisfied


    Enter our Fashionably Fit Giveaway!

    FFF is teaming with SpaWeek to give away one year of VIP boxes and a four-star vacation


    Top Spring Break Destinations

    Trying to figure out where to go? We got you covered


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