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  • Wellness

    Humpday Hottie: Liam Hemsworth

    Three reasons to love Liam

    FFF- HH- Liam Hemsworth

    Dog Days of Summer

    Five reasons to bring a pet into your family

    The Benefits of Having a Dog or Cat or Pet

    The Big Reveal

    Plus, find out how to get a free gift!

    FFF VIP Box

    Humpday Hottie: Matt Damon

    Why Damon is still dreamy

    FFF- HH- Matt Damon

    Humpday Hottie: Saved by the Babes

    Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar go head to head

    FFF-HH- Zack & Slater

    Getting Down with Bruno Mars

    A laundry list of celebs comes to witness the crooner

    Bruno Mars Concert, July 28, 2013

    Pre-Bedroom Workout

    Strengthen your pelvic floor and your sex life

    pelvic floor exercises

    How to Enjoy Summer
    (Even with a Full-Time Job)

    Because if you don’t stop and smell the proverbial roses, summer will be gone before you know it!

    Summer Job

    Refresh Your Space (on a Budget) and Your Life Will Follow

    Align your home, align your heart

    Living well in small spaces and small apartments

    Get to Know YouTube’s Dynamic Duo

    We chat with Karmin on inspiration and beauty secrets

    YouTube Sensation Karmin Interview

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