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    Get Fuller Brows For Fall

    Beautiful Brows

    They say less is more. And we believed it. Then we caught our 70-year-old neighbor mowing his lawn in a very skimpy Speedo and realized sometimes you definitely need more.

    Well, it seems like the beauty world is catching on to the bigger is better trend because bushy eyebrows have been seen all over the runways from Milan to Miami. Yes, we’re saying step away from the tweezers and let your hairs run wild. Well…maybe not uni-brow wild.

    We enlisted the help of celebrity brow expert Stevi Christine from Kate Somerville to teach us how it’s done right.

    • Let your brows grow out as full as possible. “Think Audrey Hepburn meets Cindy Crawford,” Stevi says. That means hands off for at least 3-8 weeks, depending on how fast they grow.
    • If you’re having trouble growing out your eyebrow hair, try tinting which can have an effect of making brows look thicker. Stevi has also found success using Rogaine Extra Strength for Men as an aid. And here you thought using egg yolk in your hair was weird.
    • Fool ’em with powder or tinted gel. We like Shiseido’s Dual Color Powder or MAC’s eyebrow gel which both give brows that thick, come-hither appearance.

    You’ll still want to see a professional to “ensure proper eyebrow fullness,” Stevi advises.

    Now if we can just get our neighbor to wear a bathrobe.

    xx, The FabFitFun Team

    Posted on August 26, 2011 in Beauty


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