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  • Tips for an Easier Beach Day

    Keep calm and cool while enjoying the sun


    Whether we’re bikini ready or not, breast-feeding or not, teething or not, all hot mamas love a good day at the beach. The sun, the waves, the delicious ocean breeze…it’s almost too tempting to even think about! Here are a few ways to keep beach days a cinch, even with all your little ones in tow!

    1. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house/hotel: This is crucial. Once kids are at the beach, it’s almost impossible to have them sit still for sunscreen time. Mix a little sunscreen in with their body wash in the shower, and quickly reapply right before heading out the door for stress-free sun protection!

    2. Pack snacks: Nothing ruins a breezy beach day like the munchies. Pack a cooler full of water, fresh fruit, nuts, and veggies so the kiddies don’t get cranky. Try and have everything pre-cut and organized before you go, and usually harder snacks work best (think pretzels)…they’re less likely to attract sand.

    3. Bring bathrobes instead of beach blankets: Bathrobes are the perfect solution to the post-swim jitters. The kiddies can throw them right on and stay warm until dry! Also, be sure to pack clothes for post-beach time…no one wants to walk around in wet swimmies all day.

    4. Bring beach toys: It’s amazing how many hours a toddler can occupy himself with a simple bucket and shovel! You’ll get some much-needed relaxation time this way, too.

    5. Scout out the bathrooms before you arrive: Especially when your little one is potty training, this is key. Try and find a spot near a public bathroom for fewer headaches all day long!

    xx, The FabFitFun Team

    Posted on May 7, 2013 in MILFFF, Wellness


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